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Foaming Bottle Wash (from a base) - Simple Steps for Beginners

This helpful guide will show you 'How To Make' Foaming Bottle Wash using simple steps for beginners. 

1. Preparation

Create a work space that is clean of filth and of a size that prevents contamination from outside sources. Select an area that is not accessible to children and pets. We recommend wearing protective clothing such as an apron, goggles, gloves and a hair net.

2. Prepare The Base

Using a pre-made foaming bath wash base designed for handmade lotions, measure 16 oz in a clean glass pyrex cup. Note: 16 oz of base will make approximately (2) 8 oz bottles, (4) 4 oz bottles or (8) 2 oz bottles of foaming bottle wash.

3. Incorporate Additives

Fragrance - You can incorporate 1 to 2 teaspoons of fragrance oil per 16 oz of foaming bottle wash base. Stir well. Notice that the more fragrance you add the more likely it is that your foaming bottle wash will thin from the fragrance oil. If you want to add essential oils you can add 1 to 2 ml of essential oil per 16 oz of foaming bottle wash. You will need a plastic dropper to measure small amounts such as ml's. Stir well.

Color - After you have scented your foaming bottle wash it is time to add the color. You can add as much cosmetic color to your base as desired. Stir well. Note: Do not add so much color that the skin is stained. The foaming bottle wash should always remain white when being rubbed into the skin. If it is colored then too much color has been used.

Measurement Notes: 1 teaspoon = 5 ml.

4. Packaging

Pour your foaming bottle wash into bottles and close with a foaming bottle wash pump, disc top or cap. If the foaming bottle wash is thicker you may find a jar with top easier to fill and use. If your foaming bottle wash is thick and you wish to use a bottle you can slowly heat to 130º and pour into the bottles. Heating much higher than this risks degrading the preservative system and may allow your foaming bottle wash to grow mold, bacteria or yeast.

5. Labeling

If selling your foaming bottle wash you will need to label it with the product name, your company name, contact information, ingredients, directions for use, and bar weight.

6. Caution Statement

This product is intended to be crafted by those 15 years or older. You are expected to take full responsibility for your own personal protection and safety including but not limited to the use of protective clothing such as an apron, goggles, gloves and a hair net.

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