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How to Make: Lip Gloss with Versagel

Versagel is a vegan, ultra-clear lip gloss base that creates fabulous texture and shine. Add oils, colors, and other ingredients to customize your lip gloss.
Step-by-step instructions and free Versagel recipes, click here.
Convenient starter kits here

1. General Tips for Working with Versagel

Start with a clean workspace, gather your equipment, and your ingredients.
NOTE: If you are making these products for sale, good manufacturing practices recommend you wear a hairnet, gloves, and a mask. We also recommend a clean apron.
Recommended Tools & equipment:  
Microwave (we don’t recommend heating Versagel on a stove)
Microwave-safe container(s)  
Digital scale  
Paper towels  
Pro Tip #1: Add Oil to Versagel 
Add oils to achieve desired consistency, performance characteristics, and label appeal. Our suggested ratio for lip gloss is around 65% Versagel to 33% oil. For example 2 oz. of Versagel to .96oz oil.
Avoid oils that are heavy, darkly colored or scented.
We recommend MCT Oil because it is colorless, odorless, and inexpensive.  
Other popular choices:
Aloe Vera Oil - Clear – soothing aloe vera; odorless; slight off-white color.  
Castor Oil – thick and moisturizing; odorless; slight yellow tint.  
Sunflower Oil – cost-effective and moisturizing; odorless; slight yellow tint.  
Rose Hip Seed Oil – high-end label appeal; Vitamin C rich; odorless; slight yellow tint.  
Evening Primrose Oil – luxurious and moisturizing; odorless; slight golden tint

Pro Tip #2: Microwave Versagel and Oil  
Heating Versagel and oil makes it easier to combine the two ingredients. We recommend microwaving in 30-second increments until it reaches around 100 degrees F°.
DO NOT heat colors, flavors, or fragrances.

2. Customizing Versagel Lip Gloss

Use different flavors, colors, and glitters to create unique lip gloss.
Flavor Oils
Flavor oils allow you to tailor your products to your target audience. They add distinct taste, smell, and label appeal.
NEVER HEAT flavor oil. Add flavor oil after heating Versagel mixture to avoid compromising flavor or scent.
Popular flavor oils: 
Double Bubble Gum 
Cherry Kiss 
Life's a Peach 
Vanilla Latte  
Vanilla Mint 
For more information about flavor oils, click here.
ALWAYS follow IFRA guidelines for flavors and fragrances, included in product descriptions.
Everyone loves beautifully colored lip gloss. Crafter’s Choice has over 70 lip-safe colors.
NEVER HEAT color. Add color after heating Versagel mixture and adding flavor oil to avoid compromising color. 
Crafter’s Choice EZ Color is our favorite way to color Versagel lip gloss. The pigment/castor oil mixture quickly gives your lip gloss beautiful shimmer or matte color with just a few drops.
Other lip-safe colorants:
Mica – shimmering/sparkling powder
Pigment – concentrated matte color that won’t bleed 
Titanium Dioxide – matte white that deepens the tone of other colors; often used to create nude colors
ALWAYS follow IFRA guidelines for colors, included in product descriptions.
Glitter is a popular Versagel lip gloss additive. We recommend adding glitter after color as a final touch. 
Bio-Glitter – aluminum and plastic-free; soft to the touch; resists bleeding at low temperatures.  
Traditional Glitter – super sparkly; aluminum-free
ALWAYS ensure your glitter is lip safe.

3. Packaging & Labeling

Package your Versagel lip gloss in:
Tubes - squeeze and apply directly to lips. 
Wands – traditional wand application.
Pots – finger application.

4. Versagel Clean Up

Wipe everything (workspace, syringe, etc.) with a dry paper towel first. Then go over with a soapy paper towel. Finish with a multipurpose cleaning spray.

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