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Making Jelly Soap

With the addition of our new ingredient, Crafter’s Choice Agar, we were anxious to try our hand at making jelly soap. After doing some research, we found a basic recipe to use as our starting point. Many recipes use gelatin as the thickener but we replaced that with Agar which is a vegan option.

The recipe seemed easy enough but we quickly came to find out it was a little tricky. Dissolving the agar into water was a little harder than we thought. It was recommended to mix the agar powder into boiling water. We did this but the agar clumped up and become gooey wads of dough. We tried adding agar to water and water to agar – both with bad results!

After further research, we found the correct way to dissolve agar powder was to add to cold water, then bringing to a boil. We added our agar powder to cold water, then brought the mixture to a boil. This almost completely dissolved the powder, but still left a few clumps. We poured the mixture through a small strainer and pushed the clumps through with a spoon. This removed any clumps and left the mixture smooth.

Once the water comes to a boil and the clumps have been strained, let boil on low for five minutes. Continue to whisk to keep the mixture from burning. Burning it can leave little brown pieces in your final product which will not look appealing! Continuing to cook on low will thicken the mixture and evaporate some of the water. If the mixture starts to become thick and clumpy, remove from heat. The mixture should thicken but be fluid enough to pour. Product will not be clear.

Remove the pot from the heat source and add salts. Mix in the shower gel, then add the essential oil, color and preservative. Mix well and then pour into the small deli cups. Place in refrigerator for two hours to set up.

We chose this packaging as a cute take on these “jelly shots” or “shower shots”. The mixture can also be poured into a different mold or into a jelly roll pan then cut into squares.

We found one “shower shot” is good for one bath or shower and creates tons of bubbles. If selling this product, don’t forget to add “DO NOT EAT” to your label!

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