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Simple Secrets: Creating the 'In The Pot Swirl' Technique

The Goal: 

The 'In The Pot Swirl' is one of the easiest swirls to accomplish, and helps bring your soap making bragging rights from hobbyist to seasoned crafter. Before swirling, make sure you are using a tried and trusted cold process soap recipe with important consideration on your fragrance. You'll want a slow moving fragrance and colors that complement the scent. If you haven't swirled before, be warned that it easily becomes an addiction, and you'll soon realize why so many soap makers consider swirling soap one of their favorite pastimes!

Mixing Your Colors: 
Swirled soaps work best at light trace which means you need to move fast! Premix some of your base oils with your powdered colors first. Once you have brought your soap to a light trace, you are ready to color the batches. Split the batter in thirds, pouring one-third into one funnel pitcher, another third into the second funnel pitcher and keeping the rest in your large mixing bowl and adding color to this one. Stick blend each mixture starting with the lightest and ending with the darkest until each of the colors are evenly distributed.

Now for the fun part! Pick one of the colors in the funnel pitcher and pour one-fourth of it into the large mixing bowl towards the top keeping it in the same place. Move to the bottom of the bowl, pouring another fourth. Next grab the second funnel pitcher, and pour one-fourth of this colored soap batter towards the left of the batter in the large mixing bowl. Continue by pouring one-forth towards the right. Finish by repeating until all the soap batter is back into the large mixing bowl. 

The swirl will naturally happen as the soap is poured. Slowly pour the soap batter into a loaf mold. For even more swirling, drag a skewer back and forth in the mold, and finish by circling the edges a couple times. Patiently wait at least 24 hours, and then unmold and slice to reveal your lovely creation!

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