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Simple Secrets: Using Soap Color Bars

Soap color bars are color-concentrated soap bars that vibrantly and evenly color melt & pour soaps. Many prefer using soap color bars because they don’t leak like liquid colors or get powder everywhere like powdered colors. Using soap color bars will help your soapmaking be quick, easy, and clean!  
Here are three ways you can use soap color bars.  

Melt Together: 
One method to using soap color bars is to add part of the color to your melt and pour soap base right before melting. First, chop part of the color bar into smaller pieces and then add it to your cubed melt and pour soap base. Melt both the color and the melt and pour soap base together in a microwave or double boiler, and then mix thoroughly until the color is evenly distributed. We love this method because it is the quickest and involves less dishes! 

Refer to Bottom-Left Image: unmelted soap base + unmelted color bar

Melt Soap + Add Color:
Another method is to add the color to your melted soap base. Again, chop part of the color bar into smaller pieces and this time add it to your hot melted soap. The heat of the soap will slowly melt the color, and as you mix the color will disperse. We love this method with new recipes as it lets us add a little color at a time until we achieve the perfect shade! 

Refer to Top-Right Image: melted soap base + unmelted color bar

Melt Color + Add to Melted Soap:
The final method is to melt the soap base and color in two separate containers, and then combine. Melt both color and soap base separately and then slowly add the color to the soap. This method allows you to play with colors without having to wait for the solid color pieces to melt in the soap.

Refer to Bottom-Right Image: melted soap base + melted color bar

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