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Containers Metal Containers Metal Tins - (You Are Here - P2194)

04 oz Silver Shallow Metal Tin & Lid Set

$5.70 for 1 Set
$26.86 for 12 Set
$71.13 for 48 Set

Additional Information
Dimensions: 3” x 1” tall
The 135 x 55 shrink wrap band fits this container
Products containing water will cause this product to rust.

Composition: Tin Plated Steel
Measurements: 3” x 1” tall
Country of Origin: United States

Points of Interest:
Seamless with Rolled Edges. Embossed Lid.
Suggested Shrink Band Size: 135 x 55

Country Of Origin: United States

Helpful Product Information:
Container Size (oz.): 4 Diameter: 3
Height: 1 Length: 3
Width: 3

Directions & Ingredients

Fill as directed.
SDS & Documents
Questions & Answers (12)

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Q Bubble
Posted By: Wynne   |   May 21, 2019

"Do you sell just the tops?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Marie   |   July 16, 2017

"Are the lids slip on or screwtop? Thanks"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Vicki   |   June 03, 2015

"Are the inside or outside dimensions 3x1? I would like to put a lotion bar in it. the description on the mold say's it is 3x1."

Q Bubble
Posted By: Pascal   |   March 21, 2015

"I want to print labels for this 4oz tin, what are the size I should use?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Rosemarie   |   February 24, 2015

"Which round silicone mold works best with this tin. I want to use them for lotion bars. I cannot find a 3oz silicone mold. Thanks!"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Misty   |   July 10, 2014

"Will this tin hold a 5 oz round soap (the crafters choice mold), or does the lip get in the way?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: nyanyaboxx   |   November 05, 2014

"does this come in a non-shallow version?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Misty   |   October 05, 2013

"I was horrified when I emptied a tin of body butter that had melted and the sides of the container were rusted. I thought these were approved for usage in a body butter that contained no water?? Was I wrong? Is there anything I can do to prevent future issues other than changing packaging?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: melisa   |   May 15, 2014

"Love the tins, how would you ship these when filled with balm? Such as a salve or diaper cream that can melt at temps around 95-100? Is there a way to keep from leaking?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Thomas   |   March 05, 2014

"Are these tins approved for massage candles?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Nicole   |   March 05, 2014

"Is there anything I can treat the tin with so that it wont rust? I see that some people used the tins and put soap in it."

Q Bubble
Posted By: Deann   |   October 07, 2013

"Can you tell me how many are in one set of these 4 oz tins?"

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CustomerReviews (44)
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Amber • Florida

Date Submitted:  01/23/2019

I Recommend This Product!
"Don't do what I did, and these will work great!"
COMMENTS:  Received these tins with a solid lotion bar kit I purchased and they were great for those! The lids can & do get minor dents/dings if dropped or mishandled though (like when a TSA agent hurriedly rummages through your bag during a random luggage inspection lol!), but I'd imagine placing a label over the lid would cover any minor denting, so it's not a huge issue & wouldn't hinder me from purchasing more of these. They're very good quality and the price is excellent! As mentioned in the product description though, any kind of exposure to water WILL make them rust, so I wouldn't recommend these for products containing water, or products that might get exposed to water in any way. I failed to read that important disclaimer, so once the lotion bars were gone, I began storing my solid shampoo bars in the tins. After about 3 weeks of taking one into the shower with me, it developed spots of rust around the inside, so that was 100% my bad for overlooking that little, but important detail! While storing my shampoo bar in the tin, I always kept it away from direct streams of water, and when done in the shower, removed it completely, dried it off (inside & out), kept it open on my countertop until the shampoo bar fully dried, then stored it with the lid on in a bathroom cabinet. Despite very minimal exposure to water though, it still developed rust, so that's a warning not to be overlooked (like I did lol)! Opening these tins with wet or newly lotioned hands can be a bit of a struggle too, but these are just some things to keep in mind. I'd absolutely recommend these tins for anything that wouldn't be exposed to water though, as they'd be perfect for a plethora of different crafty projects! Overall, these are very handy & sleek, little tins for an excellent value, and I definitely recommend them!
PRODUCT USED IN:   Soap - Shampoo Bars, Lotion Bars & Sticks
Delane • Georgia

Date Submitted:  01/07/2019

I Recommend This Product!
COMMENTS:  Used for body butter.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotions, Creams & Butters
• Great size for my body butter
Business • Tennessee

Date Submitted:  12/05/2018

I Recommend This Product!
"Great to store Balm"
COMMENTS:  I used these for the Moisturizing Balm. I love the look. Only thing is that they easy to get dents in.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotions, Creams & Butters
• the size
• the look

Date Submitted:  09/14/2017

I Recommend This Product!
"4 oz Silver Shallow Metal Tin"
COMMENTS:  4 oz Silver Shallow Metal Tins are great for Lotion bars.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotion Bars & Sticks, Lotions, Creams & Butters
Delia • North Carolina

Date Submitted:  12/08/2016

I Recommend This Product!
"Good quality "
COMMENTS:  Love the quality of this tin. Only ordered one to see if I could use them for my solid lotion bars and worked like a charm. I'd re order.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotion Bars & Sticks
• Good quality
• Easy to open and close
Evelyn • California

Date Submitted:  10/16/2016

I Recommend This Product!
"Perfect small size"
COMMENTS:  These little tins are the perfect size for samples and keeping a batch sample on hand. Also good for lip balm.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lip Care, Lotions, Creams & Butters
David • Tennessee

Date Submitted:  08/12/2016

I Recommend This Product!
"4 oz Silver Shallow Metal Tin"
COMMENTS:  Works perfect for shaving soap pucks (or any other soap puck) !
PRODUCT USED IN:   Soap - Shave Shampoo
• rust proof
Crystle • Tennessee

Date Submitted:  04/18/2016

I Recommend This Product!
"Gorgeous look"
COMMENTS:  The size is perfect for anhydrous products !!!! Love love the look on people's faces when they see their arnica balm in it.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotions, Creams & Butters
Nora • Tennessee

Date Submitted:  03/18/2016

I Recommend This Product!
"Great Product!"
COMMENTS:  These are the perfect size for my lotion bars. Very easy to pour the melted oils and wax right into the tin. Makes a lovely presentation.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotion Bars & Sticks
Jan • Florida

Date Submitted:  01/22/2016

I Recommend This Product!
"Very nice tin"
COMMENTS:  This container is a nice size and weight. Would have gotten 5 stars if it was rust proof.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Soap - Cold Process, Lotion Bars & Sticks
• Can't be used w/poducts containing water
Adam • Nebraska

Date Submitted:  08/22/2015

I Recommend This Product!
"4 oz Silver Shallow Metal Tin"
COMMENTS:  Perfect size, identical to the size of a hockey puck. Best part is they are high quality, and feel heavy duty and not cheap. Lids fit snug.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Soap - Shave Shampoo
YTS • Texas

Date Submitted:  08/04/2015

I Recommend This Product!
"Just wonderful tin container"
COMMENTS:  Just wonderful tin container! I bought it to go with my body butter and I am using it for many other things!
PRODUCT USED IN:   Soap - Cold Process, Soap - CPOP, Soap - Hot Process, Soap - Shampoo Bars, Soap - Shave Shampoo, Face Care, Lotion Bars & Sticks
Sandy • Missouri

Date Submitted:  07/29/2015

I Recommend This Product!
"Good consistent product"
COMMENTS:  The bases and lids always fit! This is a great large size for butters and bars.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotion Bars & Sticks, Lotions, Creams & Butters
Luella • Arkansas

Date Submitted:  06/08/2015

I Recommend This Product!
"Lotion bar"
COMMENTS:  I use this for my lotion bar. Works great!!
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotion Bars & Sticks
Kelly • Colorado

Date Submitted:  02/19/2015

I Recommend This Product!
"Love them"
COMMENTS:  I use these tins for body butters as well and massage bars. They seal great and don't leak. They look great on the shelf.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotions, Creams & Butters
Christine • Utah

Date Submitted:  02/17/2015

I Recommend This Product!
"Great product!"
COMMENTS:  These tins are perfect for lotion bars! They are easy to class up with a label and band closed with shrink bands. They are high quality and great price, and look very professional.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotion Bars & Sticks
Larcina • Pennsylvania

Date Submitted:  02/12/2015

I Recommend This Product!
"Professional Look"
COMMENTS:  I use these metal containers for my hair and body balms. They give them a professional look. Plus they are reusable. I have also used these containers for my coffee scrubs.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Exfoliants & Sugar Scrubs, Lotions, Creams & Butters
Theresa • North Carolina

Date Submitted:  01/28/2015

I Recommend This Product!
"Metal Tin"
COMMENTS:  I use these for my shea butter and cocoa lotion bars and customers love them. Just pop the tin into your purse and it stays fresh for months. Tins look really nice with a clear label.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotion Bars & Sticks
• Functionality
• Cost
Kathleen • Alabama

Date Submitted:  01/04/2015

I Recommend This Product!
"Metal Container"
COMMENTS:  I love this container! It is just what I was looking for for my lotion bars.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotion Bars & Sticks
• size, presentation
Carie • Missouri

Date Submitted:  11/21/2014

I Recommend This Product!
"Perfect Fit!"
COMMENTS:  These containers are a perfect fit for my solid lotion rounds. Makes packaging simple, neat and attractive.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotion Bars & Sticks
Isabel • Rhode Island

Date Submitted:  10/30/2014

I Recommend This Product!
COMMENTS:  Love these tins for my bigger sized lotion bars. Good quality wish the price was lower though.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotion Bars & Sticks
• tight lid
• wish the price was lower
Ashley • North Carolina

Date Submitted:  10/29/2014

I Recommend This Product!
COMMENTS:  I use these when I make my Pumpkin Seed Body Butters, and everyone loves them. They are small and slim so they are perfect for carrying in your purse. I sold out the minute they were made. Defintely will be buying more soon!
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotions, Creams & Butters
• Slim Design
• Easy to use
Laura • Michigan

Date Submitted:  09/01/2014

I Recommend This Product!
"Great Product Container!"
COMMENTS:  I love the tins! They are great for lotion bars. Easy to pour into. Don't get bubbles like you do with plastic sometimes. Seal nicely. I would really recommend this product.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotion Bars & Sticks
• the look of the tins
• easy to pour into
• nothing
Mariluz • Florida

Date Submitted:  08/23/2014

I Recommend This Product!
"Great smell"
COMMENTS:  Smell Delicious
PRODUCT USED IN:   Massage Oils
Kelly • Pennsylvania

Date Submitted:  08/12/2014

I Recommend This Product!
"Nice quality"
COMMENTS:  I ordered a size too big which was totally my fault- but these tins are nice for non-hydrous products.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotion Bars & Sticks
Cyndi • California

Date Submitted:  07/13/2014

I Recommend This Product!
"Great tin!"
COMMENTS:  I find this tin to be the perfect size for making solid lotion bars and massage creams. So happy you carry them.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotion Bars & Sticks, Lotions, Creams & Butters, Massage Oils
• size
• nothing
Shannon • California

Date Submitted:  06/28/2014

I Recommend This Product!
"Used for silky body butter base"
COMMENTS:  This tin give my body butter a great look. It does state that anything containing water will rust the tins but so far I have not had that problem. I just wish they could bring the cost down a little.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotions, Creams & Butters
• look
• quality
• Rust proof
• price
Hayna • New York

Date Submitted:  06/21/2014

I Recommend This Product!
"Perfect size for many applications"
COMMENTS:  Love these tins. Just wish the top was perfectly flat as the indented border makes it very hard to find labels that fit perfectly.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotion Bars & Sticks, Lotions, Creams & Butters
Johanna • Ohio

Date Submitted:  06/03/2014

I Recommend This Product!
"Body Butter Tins "
COMMENTS:  These are great containers for whipped shea butter. I top them with fabric for a gorgeous marketable gift.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotions, Creams & Butters
• size
• price
• appearance
• I wish caps fit tighter
Erin • Georgia

Date Submitted:  05/29/2014

I Recommend This Product!
"Perfect for Butters"
COMMENTS:  These containers are perfect for any type of salves, balms, or hard butters. I love them and they look very nice too!!
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotions, Creams & Butters
Mona • Alabama

Date Submitted:  05/20/2014

I Recommend This Product!
"Very Pretty"
COMMENTS:  Yes pretty and reusable! I use these for my salves, baby bum creams and thick body creams. The presentation is phenomenal and more importantly, they are reusable once the product is all gone. Perfect & responsible to the environment.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotions, Creams & Butters
• reusable
• easy to label
• ease of use
Patricia • California

Date Submitted:  05/19/2014

I Recommend This Product!
"Good size"
COMMENTS:  I used these for my lotion bars ans they were the perfect size.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotion Bars & Sticks
Allison • Iowa

Date Submitted:  03/16/2014

I Recommend This Product!
"Neat packaging"
COMMENTS:  I love using these tins to package my homemade lotion bars. I make them in a mold and then put them in, but you could also pour the liquid straight in and let it cool in the tin.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotion Bars & Sticks
Tiffany • New Jersey

Date Submitted:  01/09/2014

I Recommend This Product!
"these look so professional."
COMMENTS:  I ordered these tins from WSP so many times. It's easy to find a label for them. There was no residue on, or dents in the cans. They were perfect!
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotions, Creams & Butters
• everything
• price
Rose • Pennsylvania

Date Submitted:  12/28/2013

I Recommend This Product!
"Little tarts"
COMMENTS:  I did a chocolate candy mix with different shapes. They were a hit.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Candles - Soy
Michelle • West Virginia

Date Submitted:  09/13/2013

I Recommend This Product!
"Professional looking"
COMMENTS:  I use these for my 3 oz lotion bars. They look great; very professional.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotion Bars & Sticks
Amanda • Texas

Date Submitted:  03/25/2011

I Recommend This Product!
"Very clean looking"
COMMENTS:  These tins are great, perfect size for my salves and body butter!
PRODUCT USED IN:  Bath Products
Debbie • Ohio

Date Submitted:  12/03/2010

I Recommend This Product!
"Best Tins we have ever been able to find!"
COMMENTS:  These tins are the best quality we have ever found. Before finding these we were forced to buy tins that often had sharp edges and cheap lids that didn't fit right. These tins are a class act and we hope you never stop offering them or we don't know what we will do!
PRODUCT USED IN:  Bath Products
Jolene • North Carolina

Date Submitted:  04/17/2010

I Recommend This Product!
"Beautiful Upscale Vintage Look"
COMMENTS:  I ordered two of these to try out a new product - a lovely lavender hand repair salve. These tins make anything you put in them that something extra. A great way to increase quality and maintain professional image and at an affordable price. A big A plus! I wish there was a waterproof tin too! Hint hint! ;)
PRODUCT USED IN:  Other Products
Krista • Illinois

Date Submitted:  10/16/2009

I Recommend This Product!
"Great Tins!"
COMMENTS:  These tins are fantastic! I use the 4 oz. tins for a round 3 oz. lotion bar (classic round soap mold from Soap Making Supplies)- shrink wrap products, tissue wrap with decorative stickers and label top. Store bar in tin - the customers love it!!
PRODUCT USED IN:  Bath Products
Cortney • Missouri

Date Submitted:  01/25/2009

I Recommend This Product!
"Just what I was looking for. "
COMMENTS:  I love these 4oz tins. They are perfect for my lotion bars.
PRODUCT USED IN:  Bath Products
Kirstin • New York

Date Submitted:  11/13/2005

I Recommend This Product!
"Wonderful! Would buy again!!"
COMMENTS:  Obviously being metal, you wouldn't use these for water based lotions and creams due to oxidation (rusting) of the metal, but treat them with a waterproofing agent, or use them for your butters, travel candles, wrapped items! Wonderful quality, much sturdier than others I've tried. Bravo!!
PRODUCT USED IN:  Bath Products
Lori • Massachusetts

Date Submitted:  04/30/2004

I Recommend This Product!
"My wish list"
COMMENTS:  Treat the insides and make some that would hold water based products also!I'm sold on these containers
PRODUCT USED IN:  Bath Products
Pamela • Michigan

Date Submitted:  02/23/2004

I Recommend This Product!
"Flat Round Tin Review"
COMMENTS:  I just received my order of your flat tins. Excellent quality as both the cover and container have rolled edges. This gives the tins a sturdier and higher quality feel. Bravo! I'm sold on these containers.
PRODUCT USED IN:  Other Products
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