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Crafters Choice™ Shower Gel - Crystal Clear (5 Gallon Bucket)

$106.77 for 5 Gallon (1 Bucket)
$504.83 for 25 Gallon (5 Buckets)
$1558.19 for 120 Gallon (24 Buckets)
$2608.45 for 240 Gallon (48 Buckets)

Additional Information
Best “all purpose” liquid wash. Upon use, it produces many slippery, creamy bubbles. Contains cocamidopropyl betaine because it has antiseptic properties. Formulated to also be used as hand soap and bubble bath.

Country Of Origin: United States

Helpful Product Information:
Package: 5 Gallon Bucket

This product is not on the CA Prop 65 list of toxic chemicals.

This product conforms to the reporting requirements of California Proposition 65 (Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986). We are conforming to the regulation by reporting the existence, or lack thereof, of ingredients deemed reportable by the above mentioned regulations via a Safety Data Sheet (SDS), in Section 15 "Regulatory Information." Ingredients from Natural Food Sources (NFS) and are exempt from reporting in accordance with Title 27, § 25501(a).

Directions & Ingredients
International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI):
Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Cocamide MEA, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Methylparaben, Methylchloroisothiazolinone,Methylisothiazolinone, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride

Common Name Ingredient Listing (FDA Approved):
Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Cocamide MEA, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Methylparaben, Methylchloroisothiazolinone,Methylisothiazolinone, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride

Measure base and add 1% cosmetic grade fragrance oil. Add cosmetic grade color as desired. Pour into bottles, cap and label. Test your formula to ensure the desired results. See our Resource Library for detailed instructions.
SDS & Documents
Questions & Answers (16)

Question + Answer. Here you can ask or answer questions All questions are queued and answered quickly during business hrs. You can also answer questions posted by other customers if you have valuable information.

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Q Bubble
Posted By: Cindy Lou   |   August 14, 2019

"Will Crafter's Choice shower gel suspend jojoba beads or vita burst beads?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Excellent Feeling Organics Co.   |   July 15, 2019

"Can I use this for pets?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Angie   |   February 06, 2019

"Do you think this could be used as a laundry detergent? I would like to have a liquid laundry detergent, not a powder that is listed under your site. Thanks. :)"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Dianne   |   May 11, 2016

"Can this be used on the face?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Brendan   |   March 26, 2015

"Is there a specific recipe for this product for making hand soap?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Archie   |   March 03, 2015

"I read that Polysorbate 20 in equal amounts as your fragrance oil will make the base clear and keep it from getting cloudy. Is this true?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Cynthia    |   January 22, 2015

"Can anyone recommend a fragrance that won't thin the gel ( without having to add pearl user, etc.)?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Angelina   |   January 12, 2015

"I'm a little confused, you say anything with water should have a preservative so it wont mold, but the shower gel and lotion bases don't have any germill or opheus, is their any or under one I'm not knowing? and if not should I be putting it in your lotion bases and gel? thank you! "

Q Bubble
Posted By: Gelsomino   |   September 04, 2014

"I'm looking for a base that is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, something that can be used for babies so it doesn't irritate the skin or eyes. Would this product suffice?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Susan   |   February 17, 2014

"Is there something you need to buy to get this out of the bucket? If so, what is it? Thanks."

Q Bubble
Posted By: Wendy   |   June 30, 2014

"Is there a Shower Gel or Shampoo product without SLS (lauryl) in it please? Thanks"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Susan   |   October 17, 2013

"Can this shower gel also be used as a shampoo?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: April   |   February 15, 2013

"When I added my Fragrance Oil to my Shower Gel Base it thinned it out. What product do you recommend to thicken it again?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Madelyn   |   February 09, 2013

"Can essential oils cause this base to cloud?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Malia   |   April 07, 2013

"Is this considered anti-bacterial?"

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CustomerReviews (18)
Submit A Rating Average Customer Rating: (18 Reviews)

Bee • Ohio

Date Submitted:  02/06/2019

I Recommend This Product!
COMMENTS:  Great base! I love it! Easy to use.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Liquid Soap & Washes
Deborah • Ohio

Date Submitted:  01/30/2018

I Recommend This Product!
"Crafters Choice crystal clear Shower Gel "
COMMENTS:  i love this product i can hardly keep up with new orders. very sudsy and fresh and clean feeling after shower
PRODUCT USED IN:   Liquid Soap & Washes
• sudsy
• conditions skin
• nothing
ronstoppable • Florida

Date Submitted:  09/27/2016

I Recommend This Product!
"Silky and lathery"
COMMENTS:  I love the crafter's choice Crystal clear shower gel. A little bit goes a long way in the shower.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Liquid Soap & Washes
• Lots of lather
• Nothing

Date Submitted:  01/23/2016

I Recommend This Product!
"Five Gallon Shower Gel"
COMMENTS:  The five gallon buckets are economical and great space savers.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Liquid Soap & Washes
Shelley • Vermont

Date Submitted:  10/27/2015

I Recommend This Product!
COMMENTS:  This is a really nice shower gel, it bubbles like crazy! I've had good feedback from my customers.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Liquid Soap & Washes
Luella • Arkansas

Date Submitted:  10/07/2015

I Recommend This Product!
"Shower Gel"
COMMENTS:  I made body wash with this, great price, lots of suds, I use all kinds of fragrances in this. Works great!
PRODUCT USED IN:   Liquid Soap & Washes
• Love this, lots of suds, great price
• nothing
Sherry • Connecticut

Date Submitted:  04/09/2015

I Recommend This Product!
"Very easy to work with"
COMMENTS:  Using this base is pretty easy. I've had a few slip ups with cloudiness and fragrance overloads but it is a great base to work with for easy shower gels.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Liquid Soap & Washes
Conrad • Colorado

Date Submitted:  04/04/2015

I Recommend This Product!
COMMENTS:  So easy to use! Just fragrance and color and done. It is a high quality soap base.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Liquid Soap & Washes
• Easy to use
Alyssa • Indiana

Date Submitted:  10/10/2014

I Recommend This Product!
"Great Lather"
COMMENTS:  When I purchased this body wash I was a little hesitant because I've only used a certain brand name body wash for years. Once I gave this body wash a try, I was surprised at the rich, thick lather and the suds it produced...OMG! My hubby is also picky when it comes to changing his body wash. After he used this, he liked it better than his preferred that he's always used. Family members loved it too. I ended up buying a 5 gal bucket of it to sell retail of my own. Every customer has come back and said that they enjoy taking a shower with it and end up buying another bottle.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Liquid Soap & Washes
Audrey • North Carolina

Date Submitted:  10/10/2014

I Recommend This Product!
"The best base! "
COMMENTS:  This base is amazing! It holds up well under fragrances even though some fragrances can thin it. We just put a little pearlizer and thickener in it and it holds up great. It lathers very well and holds up well under most circumstances. Our customers love our shower gels and tell us continuously that they will be back for it.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Liquid Soap & Washes
deanne • Florida

Date Submitted:  09/24/2014

I Recommend This Product!
"awesome shower gel! Graet bubble bath too!"
COMMENTS:  Mized really well with fragrances and powdered colors. It was perfect for what I needed
PRODUCT USED IN:   Liquid Soap & Washes
Karen • Washington

Date Submitted:  08/06/2014

I Recommend This Product!
"Great Product!"
COMMENTS:  This is the first time I have purchased this product. Thought I would expand my line a bit. I love the product.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Liquid Soap & Washes
• nice foaming
Christina • Colorado

Date Submitted:  11/10/2013

I Recommend This Product!
"Great product"
COMMENTS:  I use this for both my liquid hand soap and also my bubble bath products. It is easy to work with and affordable.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Liquid Soap & Washes
• large size
• reasonable price
Katina • Florida

Date Submitted:  11/05/2013

I Recommend This Product!
"Good quality"
COMMENTS:  I have been using this product for some time now and this is one of the best products WSP carries. Not many ingredients and I have used liquid colorants, EO, fragrance, and foam booster is a great additive to the body wash. It has a very good lather and isn't watery like some store brands. I did find in the beginning that if I put too much mica for color, it would settle at the bottom of my bottle, but after adding foam booster, it gave a pearl effect.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Liquid Soap & Washes
• Lathers well
• Not watery
• price
Kristy • Arizona

Date Submitted:  09/25/2013

I Recommend This Product!
"Great All Purpose Wash"
COMMENTS:  This wash is perfect for hand soap, bubble bath and shower gel. It doesn't suspend things so keep that in mind when you order it for yourself. I tried initially to color it with a mica shimmer and it sunk to the bottom unfortunately. If you don't care to use shimmers or put snakes in it like one recipe calls for, then this one fits the bill. Lots of creamy bubbles with using a very small amount. I made the mistake of sending my friend some without telling her that it makes more bubbles than any other kind of bubble bath. She filled up a pool in her front yard and put in about half an 8oz bottle and next thing we know, we get pictures of all the neighbor kids covered in bubbles from head to toe!
PRODUCT USED IN:   Liquid Soap & Washes
• Lots of Bubbles
• Moisturizing
• Cleansing
Jennifer  • Illinois

Date Submitted:  06/26/2013

I Recommend This Product!
"Lots of Bubbles!!"
COMMENTS:  Great shower gel ad some Pearlizer & Foam Booster and like magic simply the best shower gel you can buy!
PRODUCT USED IN:   Liquid Soap & Washes
Jackie • Texas

Date Submitted:  06/09/2013

I Recommend This Product!
"Fabulous Bubbles!"
COMMENTS:  I order this product on a regular basis. I used to order the gallon size but now it's a 5 gallon bucket everytime. All my customers absolutely love this shower gel. I get compliments every time someone first uses it. It holds scent very well and lathers wonderful. It's high quality and thick. I love the way my skin feels after a shower...nice and smooth not dry and itchy. I've had customers tells me it lasts long and leaves them clean and fresh. I'm so happy to have a product that my customer rant over. This is a must buy for me!
PRODUCT USED IN:   Liquid Soap & Washes
Sherri  • Missouri

Date Submitted:  12/08/2011

I Recommend This Product!
"Wonderful soap base"
COMMENTS:  This product does just what is says. I produces tons of bubbles, and my customers love it! Not to mention it leaves the skin feeling soft. I use it in all my shower gel with fragrance and color.
PRODUCT USED IN:  Bath Products
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