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Healthy Glow Paraben Free Sugar Scrub

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Our unscented Paraben Free "Healthy Glow Skin Sugar Scrub" gently polishes skin & is mild enough to be used daily. It provides a luxurious exfoliation with a non-irritating blend of pure cane sugar crystals and skin-softening Safflower Oil. Body scrubs are ideal for all over body cleansing, exfoliation and for stimulating circulation. Ours will both refine and soften the skin's texture in one easy step. It is formulated to delicately, but effectively slough away dead skin cells, rinse clean, and moisturize the skin to a supple, sensual glow.

Unscented, ready to use base. Simply add Fragrance or Essential Oils directly to base, mix, and spoon into your jars. It really is that easy.

  • Apply all over body before or during shower or bath.
  • Give yourself a quick manicure to keep those hands & nails gorgeous!
Helpful Information:
Mineral Oil-Free
Non-comedogenic (will not clog pores)

Appearance: Cream colored, unscented & odorless
pH: 5.5
Shelf Life: 1 year

Ingredient Benefits:
  • Why Sugar vs. Salt? Salt scrubs are great and have their own benefits, but our fine granular sugar cane crystals provide a more gentle exfoliation and are often used to correct dryness and scaling. Sugar scrubs appeal to a broader range of clients because sugar is naturally an emollient, a mild emulsifier, and a humectant, which helps soften and soothe skin.
  • High Oleic Safflower Oil is a high quality oil that has a higher percentage of monounsaturated fatty acids - 76% as opposed to 13% in regular safflower oil. It is used because it is less susceptible to oxidation, which means it exhibits extended shelf life without requiring chemical modifications. High Oleic Safflower Oil is also produced from plants using traditional methods and not through the use of biotechnology. All in all we keep it close to nature. It is considered a non comedogenic raw ingredient, which means it will not clog your pores.
  • Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant often used in anti-aging products and helps maintain healthy skin.
  • Paraben Free! Phenoxyethanol, a Rose Ester with a low sensitizing factor, is the preservative. It effectively preserves the base without paraben. It allows for a more natural base that appeals to the most discriminating consumers. In addition, it opens other avenues for you to sell, for example, to natural health food stores and holistic centers. It is also an export friendly product; all the ingredients are approved by the European Union and Japan.

  • Helpful Product Information:
    Vegan Friendly: Yes Cruelty Free: Yes
    Alcohol Free: Yes Gluten Free: Yes
    Non-GMO: Yes Soy Free: Yes

    International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI):
    Sucrose, Carthamus Tinctorius Seed Oil, Silica, Polysorbate 80, Oryza Sativa Bran Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract, Helianthus Annuus Extract, Tocopherols, Phenoxyethanol

    Common Name Ingredient Listing (FDA Approved):
    Sugar, Safflower Oil, Silica, Polysorbate 80, Rice Bran Extract, Rosemary Extract, Sunflower Extract, Vitamin E, Phenoxyethanol

    This is a cold mix base, meaning that heating is not recommended. It can be hand- or machine-mixed on the lowest speed. Simply add Fragrance or Essential Oils directly to base, mix, and spoon into your jars. Recommended fragrance load is up to 1%. Colorants can be used to color base from light pastels to bright bold colors.

Product Information:

Brand Elements Bath & Body
Country Of Origin United States

CA Prop 65


Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Animal Testing Statement

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