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Crafter's Choice™ Eco Friendly - Holographic Silver Glitter


Additional Information
Holographic Silver Glitter - Eco Friendly is biodegradable and derived from plants. This holographic glitter is silver that sparkles like a rainbow holographic in the light. This eco-friendly glitter looks awesome in or on top of soaps, in cosmetics and liquid soaps.

Common Uses:
Accenting Cosmetics. Top of Soap

Points of Interest:
Cellulose Based. Biodegradable Glitter.

Not recommended for temperatures over 140º F. Not recommended for eye contact or contact with mucous membrane. Size: .008".

Do not use standard craft glitter in your cosmetics as the particle size is generally too large. While there is no government regulation for the particle size that can be used in cosmetics, the cosmetic industry standard is .004" and .008".

Country Of Origin: United States

Approved Cosmetic Uses & Our Test Results:
MP Soap Only: No General: Yes Mixes Best In: Reflects in Clear Liquids
Lip Products: No Bath Water: No Migrates: No
Finish: Glitter Eye Products: No CP Soap Stable: No
Nails: Yes UV Fade: No

Directions & Ingredients
International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI):
Cellulose, Glycerine, Aqua, Shellac, Acrylates Crosspolymer, Aluminum

SDS & Documents
Questions & Answers (8)

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Posted By: Gabriel Salazar   |   June 06, 2020

"Can I use this for shampoo? The glitter will be suspended or it will sink?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Janet   |   March 25, 2020

"I am wondering if this can be used on top of cp soap to cover soda ash while soap is curing? I messed up making a large batch of soap and the entire top has ash on it. Thanks for your help."

Q Bubble
Posted By: Brooke   |   October 25, 2019

"Is this product vegan? I see that it contains shellac, but I've read there's a vegan (corn based) shellac available now. If not, do you carry any vegan bio-based/eco-friendly glitters?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Hilary   |   October 16, 2019

"Help me understand. The question above asks "Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't aluminum not deemed safe for lip products by the FDA,ergo, not approved for bath bombs? " and the answer is "This product has been corrected to read not safe for use in bath water or lip products" If it's not safe for being in bath bombs/bath water what makes that different than someone hand or body washing it - as ultimately in both scenarios it will go down the drain? I'm confused. Thanks..."

Q Bubble
Posted By: Krystal   |   August 12, 2019

"Is this ok for body oil?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Chris   |   July 30, 2019

"Can you use this in Melt & Pour??? It says no Thank you"

Q Bubble
Posted By: sherie   |   December 31, 2018

"Is this glitter suitable for shampoo? "

Q Bubble
Posted By: Home   |   December 20, 2018

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't aluminum not deemed safe for lip products by the FDA,ergo, not approved for bath bombs? "

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CustomerReviews (6)
Submit A Rating Average Customer Rating: (6 Reviews)

Julie • Texas

Date Submitted:  01/01/2022

I Recommend This Product!
"Beautiful in water"
COMMENTS:  I add this to some of my bath bombs for a little extra sparkle. Absolutely beautiful!
PRODUCT USED IN:   Bath Fizzies & Salts
Donna • Florida

Date Submitted:  06/25/2020

I Recommend This Product!
"love it"
COMMENTS:  I love holo glitter
PRODUCT USED IN:   Soap - Cold Process
Justine • Pennsylvania

Date Submitted:  05/14/2020

"Can't see glitter in my product...."
COMMENTS:  I created a body butter using this glitter and you can not see the glitter at all. It is completely lost in my product and I am actually disappointed, considering this glitter is not very cheap. 2/5 stars. Glitter is also not very reflective.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotions, Creams & Butters
• Price
• Reflectiveness
Tomi • Nevada

Date Submitted:  12/04/2019

I Recommend This Product!
"Makes your products pop!"
COMMENTS:  Very noticable in bathwater and looks lovely on the skin in lotion. We love it!
PRODUCT USED IN:   Bath Fizzies & Salts, Lotions, Creams & Butters
Autumn • Alabama

Date Submitted:  07/22/2019

I Recommend This Product!
COMMENTS:  SO much shimmer! Love this glitter!
PRODUCT USED IN:   Soap - Melt & Pour, Soap - Cold Process
Marina • Kentucky

Date Submitted:  01/06/2019

I Recommend This Product!
"Thanks! "
COMMENTS:  Yay! So happy to see WSP carrying this! Makes using glitter guilt free!
PRODUCT USED IN:   Soap - Cold Process, Soap - CPOP
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