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Js 50 50 Pillar Votive Wax

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This is the perfect blend - half soy - half paraffin wax for tarts, candle melts, pillars, Votives, cake candles, bear dipping, molds and more! This is so easy to use! You will love the excellent hot and cold scent throw! Make perfect tarts and votive candles with our completely user friendly blend! This para-soy wax comes in granules for super easy measuring & scooping - just scoop and melt for PREMIUM scent throw and beautiful candle tarts, tarts and more! Scent load is 10-12%

Para-Soy Tart & Votive Blend - Soy and Paraffin Wax for Making Tarts and Votive Candles

JS 50-50 Para-Soy Tart & Votive Blend Wax

Melt Point: 132° -  Pour Temp: 150° - 165° 
Heat to approximately 165° to 180°

We suggest adding color and fragrance oil at 170° or just under; stir constantly with metal slatted spoon for several minutes to make sure the fragrance oil is incorporated into the hot wax, then pour into your desired mold at your desired pour temp. 

No cutting!  No more busting up heavy, bulky slabs! This is so easy!  Just scoop out the desired amount, melt and pour! 
This blend is 50% soy and 50% paraffin. Pre-blended, no additional additives are needed!
Try our proprietary blend of soy wax and paraffin wax for perfect tarts....and MORE! 


Product Information:

Brand Just Scent
Country Of Origin United States

CA Prop 65


Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Pending - Please Check Back Soon Animal Testing Statement

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