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Simply Fresh Odor Neutralizer Spray Base

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Simply Fresh Odor Neutralizer Spray Base will eliminate bad smells in seconds using advanced technology that zaps them at the source. This is an alcohol-free, water-based room and linen formula that can be used in neutralizing pet odors, cigarette smoke, cooking and bathroom odors. Freshens and deodorizes linens, towels and clothing with a unique conditioning agent. Perfect for use at home, office, dorm, gym, hotel room or any space where you want to neutralize bad odors and add fragrance instantly. Unlike other products that only mask odors, Simply Fresh Odor Neutralizer eliminates the problem by encapsulating the offensive odors and rendering them neutral.

Suggested Use:
For use as air freshener, spray in well ventilated areas into air. Spritz in the home, office, car, dorm, gym, hotel room, etc. Neutralize stinky pet bedding, gym shoes and gym bags, cigarette smoke, cooking and bathroom odors as well as freshen and deodorizes linens, towels and clothing. For spraying linens or fabric, spray at minimum 12" distance.

Points Of Interest:
The science behind our Odor Neutralizer... Most air fresheners and odor eliminators rely on perfume and fragrances to counteract the foul smelling rancidity associated with the by-product of biological and organic decomposition. Perfumes contained in air fresheners provide only very limited odor control and provide only short term masking of the offensive odor. This masking is quickly followed by the characteristic "odor rebound". The distinct chemical components that constitute disagreeable smells of decaying organic matter are typically represented as low molecular weight fatty acids, mercaptans, amines, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide, on which fragrances and perfumes have little or no long-lasting effect. Soya Morpholinium Ethosulfate exhibits exceptional odor nullifying properties and is the key ingredient behind this effective formula. This composition is water-based and features semi-rigid, concave molecular structures. The theoretical internal cavities of these concave molecular structures have the unique ability to "capture" odor-causing molecules, neutralizing certain odiferous organic molecules.

Storage: Store at 68° to 77° F (20° to 25° C).
Shelf Life: Minimum 1 year when stored in cool, dry place away from light.
pH: 5.0-5.5

Always spray away from face and eyes and do not spray onto pets. For external use only. Do not expose to heat or fire.
May discolor certain fabrics and surfaces. Always test first.
NOT FOR USE DIRECTLY ON SKIN. If you're looking for a body spray, check out our Moisturizing Body Spray, Botanical Hydrating Face & Body Mist or Cyclomethicone.

Helpful Product Information:
Vegan Friendly: Yes Gluten Free: Yes
Alcohol Free: Yes Soy Free: No
Mineral Oil Free: Yes Formaldehyde Free: Yes
Cruelty Free: Yes

International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI):
No ingredient listing is needed for this product.

This base can be used as-is or add 1-5% water-soluble ingredients, such as botanical extracts. The addition of oil soluble ingredients or oil soluble fragrances must be premixed with an emulsifier, such as Polysorbate 20 (mix emulsifier with Fragrance or Essential Oils at a 1:1 ratio, then add to base and adjust as necessary). Fragrance or Essential oils can be used at a ratio up to 5%. Water-soluble fragrances are suitable, but our fragrances are not water-soluble and will not blend with this base unless the emulsifier is used. Cloudiness may occur.

Product Information:

Brand Elements Bath & Body
Flashpoint 200° F
Country Of Origin United States
Phthalates Product is Phthalate Free

CA Prop 65


Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Animal Testing Statement

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