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4 Inch Stacking Tray

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4 Inch vented stacking tray (1) 1 Vented Stacking tray. This is our stacking tray with the 4 inch sides. Our US Made stacking tray systems are perfect anywhere you need to store, stack and easily transport. The US Made trays are constructed of top quality, NSF Approved, food-grade co-polymer polypropylene plastic. The very best Quality vented easy to use and ergonomically designed tray make storing and handling easy. Our heavy stacking trays are so sturdy, and great for so many things Whether you make soap, bakery products, or confectioneries! Durable ChemConx food safe stacking trays will help you prepare, organize, store, and easily transport your creations and wares. So many uses for these handy vented trays: Soap Making - lay out soap loaves on vented trays to cure. Exclusive vented design helps reduce curing time in addition to making it easy to move soap. Plus no turning the bars to cure. Confectioners and candy making - easy to set and store your creations and keep them up safe. Approved Food grade durable high strength materials. Bakery use- tough enough for demanding work storing and moving breads, dough and more. Choose the ChemConx Trays and Dollies: Our ChemConx trays and dollies are made from the best quality food safe and NSF Approved high density, durable plastics. They are durable enough for just about any work environment. These easy to use, ergonomically designed trays and dollies are easy to clean, no sticking, with excellent release characteristics. Saves Space! Our easy to use racks can be stacked high- on your shelves or our easy to use and durable dolly! US MADE!  Dimensions: 4 Inch tray height. 14.25 Inches width. 30.75 inches long on the long side.  Shipping calculator may not always calculate this shipping correctly. We may have to adjust shipping as these sometimes do not calculate correctly. Thanks for your understanding. If you are not pleased with the shipping amount we can cancel the order.  

MYOB Inventory Sale! While quantities last. Product Labels will indicate MakeYourOwn.buzz brand. Still a very high quality product, we are just relabeling and cleaning house for more inventory.


Product Information:

Country Of Origin United States

CA Prop 65


Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Pending - Please Check Back Soon Animal Testing Statement

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