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Unscented Sachet Base

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This is a highly absorbent granular base that is very easy to work with and holds scent well. 100% natural and biodegradable. Potpourri Sachets are popular & timeless and are a perfect accessory item to pair with soaps, toiletries, reed diffusers, tarts and handmade candles in matching scents. Sachets can be used as air fresheners in drawers, closets, vacuum cleaners, cars, offices, in bathrooms, near kitty litter boxes, etc! Place sachets in a sunny window or near air vents for an even stronger scent release. They make a great addition to gift baskets.

A pound of Sachet Base is approximately 4.25 cups. Each pound will fill approx. 16 - 3" x 5" sachet bags.

1 oz. of Sachet Base is approx. 5 tablespoons.

Our Sachet Base can also be used in sachet envelopes or as an addition to strengthen the scent of any potpourri blend. Sachets are a very inexpensive and easy item to make.

This sachet base is a 100% natural biodegrable granular base derived from vegetables.

Add 16 oz of Sachet Base to a glass jar with lid with 1 oz of fragrance oil. Cover jar and shake frequently over a couple of days to allow Sachet Base to fully absorb fragrance oil. Add scented Sachet Base to muslin bags, organza bags or Sachet Envelopes.

To make Vacuum Cleaner sachets: simply make a sachet bag according to directions and toss in your vacuum - it will help make your house smell divine every time you vacuum!

Testing is always recommended to ensure desired results are achieved. Do not place scented Sachet Base on wood, plastic, or painted surfaces because any unabsorbed fragrance can cause damage to surface areas. Warning labels on your finished products are recommended to ensure customers use them properly.

Product Information:

Brand Rustic Escentuals
Country Of Origin United States

CA Prop 65


Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Pending - Please Check Back Soon Animal Testing Statement

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