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White Tea & Caffeine Eye Serum Kit

$41.41 for 1 Kit

Additional Information
Wake up your under eyes with this White Tea & Caffeine Eye Serum Kit! This wonderful serum includes Caffeine Extract, White Tea Extract, Shea 50 & Honeyquat.

Country Of Origin: See each component for listing.

Helpful Product Information:
Skill Level: Easy Estimated Time: 1/2 Hour
Kit Yield: 24 Bottles Sug. Retail Price: $5.95

You Save $21.64 by purchasing this kit rather than buying the items separately.

This kit includes the following items:
     • (2) 12 Set - 0.23 oz Glass Bottle Metal Ball - White Cap
     • (1) 2 oz - White Tea Extract - Water Soluble
     • (1) 2 oz - Caffeine Extract - Water Soluble
     • (1) 1 Each - Mix & Pour Cup - 8.5 oz
     • (1) 2 oz - Honeyquat
     • (1) 2 oz - Shea 50
     • (1) 1 Piece - Droppers (Pipettes) - Plastic
     • (1) 1 Piece - Instructions: Customer To Print Online

Directions & Ingredients
International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI):
Caffeine Extract, Water, Glycerin, White Tea Extract, Honeyquat, PEG-50 Shea Butter.

SDS & Documents
Questions & Answers (17)

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Q Bubble
Posted By: Doris   |   August 29, 2021

"I made this and customers love it. However, I have a customer said that the smell turned bad. I tried to smell a bottle from my stock and true enough, it smells bad. It’s only been 4 months since I made it. What could possibly caused it to smell bad? "

Q Bubble
Posted By: Parental Home    |   January 03, 2021

"Would I be able to add Hyaluronic acid to this recipe?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: sandie   |   December 01, 2020

"Hi, how much Isopropl Myristate should we use to take away the sticky feel? i think i added too much that caused to formula to separate. Also, if we substitute Honeyquat for Glycerin, will it give the same sticky feel that Honeyquat does? "

Q Bubble
Posted By: Crystal   |   September 26, 2020

"Can I add or substitute honeyquat with vitamin e?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: BCC   |   August 25, 2020

"What is the shelf life on this?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Anna   |   August 16, 2020

"Will this mix well with your premise cream base?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Lidia   |   July 24, 2020

"I was wondering, I added titanium dioxide to this as suggested in one of the other Q&As. A small amount did go a long way to make the mixture white. But, overnight it settled to the bottom. I did mix the blend very well. I am wondering what happened or if there is an ingredient that suspends the TD in the mix without it sinking to the bottom? "

Q Bubble
Posted By: Jo   |   May 27, 2020

"I made this recipe, it was sticky to the skin. Added 1/8 tsp honey powder and 1/8th tsp goats milk powder to maybe reduce the stickiness, didn't help. Threw out the batch. Any suggestions ?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Jo   |   May 27, 2020

"I am making this product and I prefer the end result to look white (as in your photo), I realize that the Jojoba Milk was discontinued and substituted with Honeyquat. What can I add to this recipe to make it look milky? I ask because I also make your Under Eye Serum recipe and have for years, it will look almost the same. I want these products to look completely different for my product line. Your Thought's? Jo's Soap Bar"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Jessica   |   February 20, 2020

"Does this require the addition of a preservative?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Sabrina   |   December 30, 2019

"Is it possible to leave the honeyquat out? I'd like to make this a vegan recipe, or if you have any recommendations for a substitute for the honeyquat."

Q Bubble
Posted By: Dianna   |   October 19, 2019

"Is it possible to make a solid or semi-solid version of this recipe by adding a butter to it? If so, how much would you recommend? Thank you."

Q Bubble
Posted By: Andrea   |   July 18, 2019

"Is there an emulsifier that can be used in this recipe to keep the ingredients together? "

Q Bubble
Posted By: Sheila   |   June 28, 2018

"What does this smell like? I didn't see an FO listed in the ingredients & would love to know if FO can be added or not due to the nature of the product going under the eyes"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Chanda   |   May 01, 2018

"Is it possible to order this kit but with black caps for the bottles? Also, what would be the suggested retail?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Tonya   |   May 01, 2018

"How much would you charge for a bottle "

Q Bubble
Posted By: Emily   |   April 06, 2018

"What exactly is this suppose to do? Does it help with wrinkles or what is it’s purpose? I know people will ask."

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Debbi • Iowa

Date Submitted:  05/21/2020

I Recommend This Product!
COMMENTS:  This stuff is AMAZING! I can't keep it in stock because it flys off the shelf. It really works!
• Everything
• Nothing
Avril • Texas

Date Submitted:  08/08/2019

I Recommend This Product!
"Feels awesome around the eyes!"
COMMENTS:  Instantly feels good on the eyes can't wait to see long term benefits
PRODUCT USED IN:   Lotions, Creams & Butters
Rita • Wisconsin

Date Submitted:  02/11/2019

I Recommend This Product!
"Love this product!!"
COMMENTS:  I introduce this product in my shop to a person who has very dark under eyes, this person started to use, the results are amaizing. I highly recomend this product. the only thing i can say i dont like was, having to explaing every time to a new customer about the separation of the ingredients, why it looks like that, that they need to shake the bottle. other than that, i am glad that it works very nice.
• every thing
• i only dont like the separations
• of the elements
UniqueFolks • Louisiana

Date Submitted:  10/29/2018

I Recommend This Product!
"gental and easy to make."
COMMENTS:  Easy to make. I used this and my sensitive skin loved it. it's very hydrating and easy to apply.its a clean product to offer your customers or give as a gift.
• price,product, easy to make.
• nothing
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