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Scoops, Sticks and Spatulas

These tools are perfect for smoothing, sampling and scooping your soap and cosmetic products. All small, handheld and convenient, these tools are great accessories to have handy when handcrafting cosmetics!

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The Bath Fizzy Mini Scooper is a great way to form mini bath fizzies and soap balls! This metal tool makes creating bath fizzies quick and easy. Makes 1.375" ball.
$6.79 for 1 Piece
$976.53 for 200 Piece

This metal Bath Fizzy Scooper is perfect for forming soap balls and round bath fizzies! Avoid a mess and save time when creating homemade bath fizzies with this tool.
Makes a 1.75" ball.
$6.73 for 1 Piece
$521.74 for 100 Piece
Out of Stock Until: 12/17/19
Bulk Orders Always Accepted
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Use this Double Melon Baller to quickly create ball shaped embeds of soap and more! With one scoop per side, create two 0.75" embeds for your soapy creations! Made from stainless steel, this tool has a comfortable handle with a groove for the thumb.
$3.36 for 1 Set
$243.24 for 144 Set

Fragrance Oil Blotter Sticks are long professional grade blotter strips that are used to smell fragrance oils, essential oils, your own fragrance blends and perfumes. These are essential tools for soapmakers and cosmetic crafters!
$0.75 for 1 Each
$6.74 for 50 Each
$12.25 for 100 Piece (2 - 50 piece)

Use this Plastic Scoop to scoop dry ingredients, such as powder colors, when soap making. Holds 0.15 ml. Measures 3.25" in length.
$1.16 for 1 Piece
$10.08 for 50 Piece
$17.70 for 100 Piece (2 - 50 piece)

Pair this 0.75 ounce Natural Scoop with a jar or bag of bath salt for the perfect gift! This natural scoop can also be used with many other products including bath teas, body scrubs and more!

Material: Polypropylene
$1.60 for 1 Piece
$13.40 for 50 Piece
$48.67 for 200 Piece (4 - 50 piece)

Our 1/2 ounce Scoop is ideal for measuring small quantities such as powder colors and additives. Holds up to 1/2 ounce. Markings at 1 teaspoon.
$3.00 for 1 Piece
$9.46 for 12 Piece
$23.38 for 48 Piece
$744.48 for 2800 Piece

This 5 ml (0.17 ounce) scoop is ideal for adding small amounts of ingredients. This natural scoop is round with a handle and made out of Polypropylene plastic.
$0.21$0.43 for 1 Each
$5.55$11.11 for 100 Each
$145.83 for 3500 Each

Our wholesale Soap Pop Sticks are perfect for making Melt & Pour "Soap Pops". Also great for stiring liquids when crafting. Measures 4 1/2" in length. Made of smooth, light colored wood.
$0.09 for 1 Piece
$4.60 for 50 Piece
$7.82 for 500 Piece (10 - 50 piece)

This curved plastic spatula is perfect for sampling customers without contaminating your base product. They can also be included in packaging for your scrubs and butters to accommodate to your customers!
$0.37 for 1 Piece
$3.46 for 50 Piece
$5.65 for 100 Piece (2 - 50 piece)
$294.24 for 9000 Piece

Our Plastic Black Spatulas are great to use to give out samples to customers at shows and stores. They are also great to use as an addition to packaged products like bath salts, butters, scrubs and creams.
$0.50 for 1 Piece
$4.49 for 50 Piece
$7.74 for 100 Piece (2 - 50 piece)
$447.13 for 10000 Piece

These Wooden Sample Spatulas are made of a smooth wood and measure 2.5 inches in length. They are perfect for providing on the site samples of lotions, creams, scrubs and much more!
$0.09 for 1 Piece
$1.08 for 50 Piece
$7.28 for 500 Piece (10 - 50 piece)
$85.45 for 10000 Piece

This elegant 2.8" Curved Clear Spatula is perfect for scrubs, body butter, whipped soap and so much more! You can also use for sampling customers without contaminating your base products.
$0.49 for 1 Piece(ETA: CALL US)
$4.63 for 50 Piece(ETA: CALL US)
$14.71 for 200 Piece (4 - 50 piece)(ETA: CALL US)
$436.54 for 10000 Piece

Use the Long white spatulas to distribute samples of your body creams, butters, scrubs and more to your customers! The straight, Popsicle stick like design makes them great as a mixing tool as well.
$0.70 for 1 Piece
$6.81 for 50 Piece
$9.88 for 100 Piece (2 - 50 piece)
$342.48 for 6000 Piece

This Crafter's Choice Silicone Spatula is 12" long making it ideal for soap and lotion making. The long, one-piece design and sturdy silicone make stirring ingredients easy and safe. Light blue in color.
$5.63 for 1 Piece
$419.77 for 100 Piece
$3687.91 for 1000 Piece

This 12-inch Wood Soap Dowel is a great tool to use when swirling and designing cold process soap! One time use only.

Dowel Measurements: 1/8" in diameter and 12" in length
$0.49 for 1 Each
$4.41 for 50 Each
$8.00 for 100 Piece (2 - 50 piece)
$245.00 for 6000 Piece

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