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Wholesale Supplies Plus is one of the largest online retailers for Soap Making Supplies & Handmade Cosmetics.
We offer over 2000+ unique products specifically designed for consumer and professional use.

Customer Testimonials
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Love WSP for colors, oils, fragrance oils, essential oils, molds and more. Debbie works hard to help us succeed. Love the new Magazine online! Thanks for another way to help us be successful. ~ Kay R.
So excited I love my points I love my rebates! I love my coupons lol I have reached my 10,000 points !!! I LOVE WSP ~ Holly P.
I was super happy to get a knock on the door at 10am this morning, I checked the status of my order yesterday which said it was shipped yesterday, so it was a pleasant surprise to have it arrive today. Thanks WSP for your awesome service as always! ~ Deanna O.
I just LOVE this Company! Have been a customer for over 5 years now, and constantly impressed with your high quality products & AMAZING customer service. Thank You! ~ Chris R.
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Soap making supplies are easier to purchase when customers share ratings and reviews. We highly encourage honest reviews (good and bad) so other customers know what to expect and are completely satisfied with their purchase. Thank you for your product feedback!!  Review Rating Guidelines

Thank you - To date, our loyal customers have posted over 79973 ratings!
Lathanol LAL Powder - aka: SLSa
"wonderful alternative to SLS. Less provability of rashe...".  Read Review (96)

Cornflower Petals
"it gives a wonderful finish to my products and the pric...".  Read Review (2)

"wonderful feeling left on skin".  Read Review (25)

Soap Pop Silicone Mold 1617
"I love to have it for my kid's line".  Read Review (6)

News & Updates  
M is for Mica...

mi·ca | cosmetic color
Mica colors sparkle, shimmer and give products the sizzle a maker is looking to achieve. When paired with the coordinating aroma of a fragrance or essential oil, effective pigments create exciting designs that stimulate several senses of buying consumers. Color is fi rst caught by the eye, then fragrance is breathed in through the nose and the brain takes this input and stimulates the imagination!.  

Packaging Inspiration From Around The Web

We love to look at products and packaging design from large retail brands to get inspiration. Right now a revival of old apothecary style packaging is a popular trend. Many companies are putting their own personal spin on these products by adding pops of color to match their branded retail line.

We found several of these products around the web to help inspire you! Check out the selection by visiting the links below. Please note, these products were available online for sale at the time of post. .  

New Fragrance Blotters

Fragrance Oil Blotter Sticks are long professional grade blotter strips that are used to smell fragrance oils, essential oils, your own fragrance blends and perfumes. 

Fragrance Oil Blotter Sticks are made from compressed paper and are the best tool for evaluating or showcasing fragrances. Blotter sticks provide a more accurate representation of the fragrance versus smelling the fragrance out of the bottle. To use, simply dip a blotter stick into the fragrance and smell the stick. Allow the fragrance to dry on the stick and smell again. You may be surprised that the fragrance may smell differently from the first dip to the dried fragrance..  
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