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Our Clays are cosmetic powders that can be used in your handmade soaps, lotions and creams to add benefits for the skin. The minerals found in our clays can be used to absorb oil, add moisture, or soothe and some are thought to reduce the effects of aging of the skin.

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Bentonite Clay is one of the best cosmetic clays because it is great for oily skin. Excellent oil absorbing properties. Bentonite Clay is a very soft clay. Great for clay face masks, body masks and facial soaps!
$0.98 for 2 oz
$5.00 for 1 lb
$10.29 for 5 lb
$39.06 for 25 lb (5 - 5 lb size)
$35.14 for 50 lb

Blush Kaolin Clay is a pinkish colored clay with higher levels of iron. This clay has a creamy soft texture when wet, and is great natural colorant. Use Blush Kaolin Clay in facial products, soaps and bath fizzies!
$15.96 for 2 oz
$64.13 for 1 lb
$255.99 for 5 lb
$1125.00 for 25 lb (5 - 5 lb size)
$339.29 for 15.432 lb

Fuller's Earth is a natural clay that is popular in soap and skincare products because of it’s ability to absorb oil. This cosmetic clay is most commonly used in facial masks to remove grease from oily or acne-prone skin. Can also be beneficial in face soaps and scrubs.
$5.47 for 2 oz
$22.41 for 1 lb
$85.11 for 5 lb
$371.67 for 25 lb (25 - 1 lb size)
$384.48 for 50 lb

Green Zeolite Clay comes from volcanic rock that is naturally high in minerals. This gorgeous green clay can be used to absorb odor and excess oil, exfoliate the skin or to naturally color skincare products. Use this clay in face scrubs, soap bars and more!
$4.02 for 2 oz
$16.46 for 1 lb
$62.35 for 5 lb
$271.67 for 25 lb (5 - 5 lb size)
$562.07 for 100 lb

Rhassoul Clay is rich in potassium and calcium which make it a very beneficial cosmetic clay. This clay is can be used on oily skin. It works great in face masks, face scrubs and facial and body soaps and bath fizzies!
$3.97 for 2 oz(ETA: CALL US)
$17.00 for 1 lb(ETA: CALL US)
$64.89 for 5 lb(ETA: CALL US)
$283.43 for 25 lb (5 - 5 lb size)(ETA: CALL US)
$601.01 for 100 lb
$3317.66 for 600 lb

Rose Kaolin Clay is a colored cosmetic clay that is very popular in skincare products. This Rose Clay can be used to thicken products and absorb extra oil. Use this beautifully colored clay in face masks, bar soap, bath fizzies and more!
$5.72 for 2 oz
$25.28 for 1 lb
$95.99 for 5 lb
$419.17 for 25 lb (5 - 5 lb size)
$572.38 for 66 lb

Sea Clay, also known as French Green Clay, is a cosmetic grade clay that can be useful on oily skin. It is grayish green in color and is the clay used to make Sea Mud Masks! Use this amazing clay in facial bars, face masks and soap.
$3.97 for 2 oz
$16.34 for 1 lb
$64.57 for 5 lb
$283.33 for 25 lb (5 - 5 lb size)
$586.21 for 100 lb
$3238.10 for 600 lb

Slate Kaolin Clay is useful on oily, tired and sensitive skin. This cosmetic clay is dark gray and is naturally rich in iron, magnesium and minerals that are thought to be beneficial to the skin. Coarse texture when wet. Popular ingredient in beard shave soap and masks!
$14.49 for 2 oz
$59.30 for 1 lb
$241.24 for 5 lb
$338.71 for 15.432 lb

White Kaolin Clay is a cosmetic clay used in cold process soap, bath bombs and masks. This clay can be used on normal, dry and sensitive skin because it does not draw oils from the skin. It is also a very mild clay that works as a thickening agent. Kaolin clay is one of the most common cosmetic clays!
$0.98 for 2 oz
$4.55 for 1 lb
$14.70 for 5 lb
$44.85 for 25 lb (5 - 5 lb size)
$69.57 for 50 lb
$2203.37 for 2500 lb

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