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Cosmetic Additives Additives By Group Milk Powders and Proteins - (You Are Here - C3007)

Milk Powders and Proteins

Milk Powders and Proteins add extra benefits to soaps and cosmetics as well as add label appeal to products marketed to natural-conscience consumers. Many of the powders add moisturizing properties to formulations, and the proteins are thought to improve shampoo and hair care products.

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All natural Buttermilk Powder is often used in soap for the creamy lather that it produces on skin. Buttermilk Powder can be used in soap, lotion bars, bath fizzies, milk bath and face masks.
$1.88$2.51 for 2 oz
$5.71$7.61 for 1 lb
$25.88$34.50 for 5 lb
$175.76$185.01 for 50 lb

Coconut Milk Powder has a sweet coconut aroma and is used in cosmetics for it softening and moisturizing properties. This all natural dehydrated coconut milk is most often used in soap, hair conditioner, milk bath, bath fizzies and face masks.
$2.62$3.49 for 2 oz
$13.27$17.69 for 1 lb
$59.99$79.99 for 5 lb
$276.03$290.56 for 33 lb

Egg Whites Powder, also known as albumin powder, is made from spray dried pasteurized egg whites. They're an excellent source of protein which makes them popular in skincare. Use to make your very own egg white face masks, hair masks, lotion, soap, and soap frosting!
$3.53$4.71 for 2 oz
$16.59$22.12 for 1 lb
$74.79$99.72 for 5 lb
$520.01$547.38 for 50 lb

Goat’s milk is a natural emollient that is used in cosmetics to nourish and moisturize skin. Our Goat's Milk Powder works great in cold process soap, bath fizzies, face care, lotion and more!
$4.49$5.98 for 2 oz
$14.94$19.92 for 1 lb
$52.66$70.21 for 5 lb
$558.56$587.96 for 50 lb

Thought to be a natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is thought to be an excellent cleansing agent while improving skin texture and surface smoothness. It also provides excellent hair shine.
$2.40$3.20 for 1/2 oz
$3.66$4.88 for 2 oz
$14.11$18.81 for 1 lb
$88.81$118.41 for 7 lb
$386.71$407.06 for 44 lb

Non-animal protein source used as an additive in skin and hair care products. Thought to provide a protective barrier and silky feel to formulations. It can be used in lotions, soaps, hair care and skincare products. It is a water based additive.
$7.12$9.49 for 1/2 oz
$16.34$21.79 for 2 oz
$76.76$102.35 for 1 lb
$506.54$675.39 for 7 lb (7 - 1 lb size)
$1770.02$1863.18 for 35.27 lb

When used in body care products, Yogurt Powder is a nice way to produce a smooth, creamy lather. Yogurt is similar to milk powders and is often found in milk baths, bath fizzies, facial masks, body scrubs, soaps and other luxurious skin care products.
$2.39$3.19 for 0.125 lb (2 oz)
$12.13$16.17 for 1 lb
$52.19$69.58 for 5 lb
$351.58$370.08 for 50 lb

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