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Crafters Choice™ Beeswax - Ivory
This Beeswax is Ivory in color and is a larger pastille size than our White and Yellow Beeswax. It is naturally refined and remains ivory colored in products. This cost effective beeswax is great for lotion bars, wax tarts and lip balms!
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$3.75 for 2 oz
$10.92 for 1 lb
$48.71 for 5 lb
$200.71 for 27.5 lb (Bulk)

Crafters Choice™ Beeswax - Ultra Refined & Bleached
Our beeswax is considered to be the best in the market and the same used by many large cosmetic companies. The ultra refined beeswax produces a superior white color with very low odor, perfect for consistent results. Use in lotion bars, lip balms, wax melts, solid deodorant and cuticle cream.
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$4.88 for 2 oz
$15.21 for 1 lb
$72.57 for 5 lb
$594.73 for 55 lb (Bulk)
$5045.26 for 550 lb (Bulk)

Crafters Choice™ Beeswax - Yellow Pastilles
This pastille beeswax comes in the form of yellow beads, as it has been filtered and cleaned. Filtering makes it free from insect body parts and stingers. Note: This wax has a smoky scent from smoking the bees out of their hives to harvest the wax. Commonly used in wax tarts, lotion bars, lip balms and CP Soap.
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$2.32 for 2 oz
$9.78 for 1 lb
$46.59 for 5 lb
$190.12 for 27.5 lb (Bulk)

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