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Welcome to Handmade 101 - How to Make Resources
Handmade 101 is the place for handmade enthusiasts to learn about soap making, lotion making, bath bombs and more. Free DIY Recipes, e-How to Make Videos, Articles and Crafty Inspiration. We have something for all levels of learning and expert resources for seasoned professionals!

Making Blueberry Slushie Soaps

Making Blueberry Slushie Soaps is a blast! These slushie soaps are the perfect addition to your summer product line. They look cool and refreshing - just like the real thing!

Start Making Things Fun!

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Lye Calculator
PERFECT for making handmade soap using lye!

The WSP Lye Calculator lets you play 'what if' with your soap recipe. You can easily change what oils are used and the formula percentages. The calculator will then compute the recipe and display the anticipated qualities of the soap.
Fragrance Calculator
GREAT for both fragrance, flavor and essential oils!

Using too much scent in your products can cause irritation and poor product performance. This calculator helps you select the correct amount of scent and will help you determine the amount of scent that can safely be added to handmade products.
Batch Calculator
BEST tool for changing the size of a recipe!

Insert your recipe in percentages and set the batch size. This calculator will then give you the weight of each ingredient needed to make the new batch. If you don’t have percentages, use our percentage calculator before using this calculator.
Percentage Calculator
IDEAL for makers going from hobby to professional!

Many people develop formulas based on volume, adding ingredients until they get the right texture and performance. They then need to preserve the formula based on recommended manufacturer percentages. This calculator converts formula weights to percentages.
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