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The Fragrance/Essential Oil Calculator takes the guess work out of how much fragrance or essential oil to add to your product! It is easy to use and makes formulating with scent a whole lot easier. Here’s how to use it!

Choose which type of product you are making. Click the drop-down box and select the product you want to make. For this example, we will choose “Lotion Making.”
Next, choose whether you want to use a Fragrance Oil, Essential Oil, Flavor Oil (lip products only) or FO & EO Blend.  We chose “Fragrance.”
Now select your exact fragrance. This is important because each oil is formulated differently and is safe in different amounts Type in the exact name of your chosen oil. If typing “Lavender”, any fragrance with lavender in the title will come up. Scroll down until you find your particular fragrance and click on it.  We chose “Lavender Honey 1022.  
Type in the amount of product you will be making in ounces, pounds or grams. We chose “32 Ounces.”
Finally, press the calculate button. The fragrance description will appear along with important information such as flashpoint, vanilla content and Max IFRA percentage.  For our 32 oz. batch of lotion, it is recommended to use 3.00% fragrance which would be 0.96 oz. If you want to use a lesser amount, simply put the calculation in the “Calculate Custom %” and those amounts will appear. You can then choose how much fragrance you would like to add to your product.
Remember, these numbers are guidelines. Should you want to add more fragrance, you will need to test the product for compatibility and always be sure not to go over the maximum IFRA.

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