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Additional Information
Preservative - Phenoxyethanol + CG, also known as Optiphen, is a broad-spectrum preservative for activity against mold, bacteria and yeast. It is effective between a pH of 4 - 8.

Why People Use This Product:
To prevent bacteria, mold and fungal growth in products.

Popular Products That Use This Ingredient:
Hair Care. Lotions. Creams. Scrubs.

Interesting Facts:
Paraben Free. Formaldehyde Free.
Manufacturing Temperatures: No Higher than 176ºF
Formula pH: Between 4 to 8
Effective Against: Bacteria, Mold, Yeast

Country Of Origin: United States

Directions & Ingredients
International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI):
Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol

Common Name Ingredient Listing (FDA Approved):
Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol

Recommended use level: 0.75% - 1.5%.

Can be added to any phase of the formulation at temperatures up to 80°C (176°F). Preservative – Phenoxyethanol + CG is not very water soluble, we recommend Preservative - Benzoic Acid +2 PF for water products.
SDS & Documents
Questions & Answers (22)

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Q Bubble
Posted By: Simone   |   January 15, 2023

"Can this preservative be used in oils ?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Erica   |   September 12, 2022

"Can this be used in eyeshadow? "

Q Bubble
Posted By: Jacqueline   |   October 14, 2021

"Does this product (Phenoxyethanol + CG) contain formaldehyde or formaldehyde releasers? I was unable to determine from the SDS."

Q Bubble
Posted By: chrysta   |   August 16, 2021

"Hi! Im making a foaming whipped sugar scrub. I made my own base and added Optiphen at a useage rate of 1%. I then use that base and combine with additional oils, fragrance, and sugar. Do I need to add more optiphen to account for the additional ingredients? Thanks!"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Veronika   |   June 08, 2021

"Is this natural product and if. Ot do you have any for body butters and scrubs? "

Q Bubble
Posted By: Ebonee   |   February 21, 2021

"Can this product be used in products that only contain butters, oils, and essential oils? And is it safe for both anhydrous hair and body butters? I understand completely anhydrous products do not need a preservative, but there is still a risk of water being incorporated if used with wet hands or stored in a bathroom."

Q Bubble
Posted By: Alexandra   |   January 09, 2021

"Other companies have phenoxyethanol preservatives that state they can withstand a ph of up to ph10, would this be able to handle that as well. Im trying to find a preservative for liquid soap. Every preservative ive found can only do ph8, but soap has a ph of 9-10. "

Q Bubble
Posted By: Sharlene   |   December 09, 2020

"What is the shelf life of this product? "

Q Bubble
Posted By: Gabriel   |   December 02, 2020

"What is a good alternative if you are out of stock? The product I plan to use it for is a face lotion, body scrub and coffee soap."

Q Bubble
Posted By: Denise   |   November 23, 2020

"what is a good substitute to use in making the men facial moisturizer?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Denise   |   November 23, 2020

"what is a good substitute since you are out of stock??"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Adam   |   November 11, 2020

"If I am using this for an emulsified sugar scrub. Do I add the amount equal to 1% of the total weight of all products including sugar, or am I only adding it at 1% of the weight of the oil and butters? Thanks. "

Q Bubble
Posted By: Amy   |   August 31, 2020

"I'm having a hard time finding the difference when to use otiphen and otiphen +, and germall +. Is there an article on this? Can all of them be used in water and oil based products?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Tondra   |   April 22, 2020

"I want to make an all over, body spray with distilled water, teas, aloe juice plus small amounts of an oil, glycerin and an essential oil. Would this be a good preservative or would the Sorbic acid + PF suffice? How much would I need you use of the preservative?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Carlyn   |   January 14, 2020

"This is paraben free, correct?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Kim   |   August 18, 2019

"I see this is used in your Tub Time Solid Bubble Dough recipe, so I assume it is approved for use in the bath, right?"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Catherine   |   August 15, 2019

"Do you have a paraben free preservative that can be used on the lips? I won't use parabens in my formulas because I have hormone imbalances and most people that buy handmade do not want to buy anything with parabens."

Q Bubble
Posted By: Catherine   |   August 15, 2019

"Can this be used on lips? What preservative do you most recommend for oil based lip products"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Bridget   |   June 10, 2019

"I am making a coffee soap scrub with the following ingredients: 135g coconut oil, 60g whipped soap base, 25g brown sugar, 15g Shea butter, 10g coffee powder. Can I use this preservative? "

Q Bubble
Posted By: Lynne   |   May 29, 2019

"After many trial and errors with other preservatives, this is now our go-to for all of our lotions and scrubs. Works perfectly every time! My question is, we would like to start masterbatching our lotions and adding the fragrances per order. Will this preservative hold up or separate if reheated in order to pour into our bottles? We do realize to not heat beyond 120 degrees in order to not lose the effectiveness, but wasn't sure about separation. Thank you!!"

Q Bubble
Posted By: Nancy   |   May 13, 2019

"Would I be able to use this as a replacement of Germaben II in my lotion recipe? If so, how would I calculate the amount? (Currently use 1 oz of Germaben II in my 24 oz lotion batch.) Thanks."

Q Bubble
Posted By: Chris   |   May 07, 2019

"Does this protect against fungus as well? Does this alter PH? Thank you!"

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carol • Georgia

Date Submitted:  09/12/2020

I Recommend This Product!
"A Must HAVE!!"
COMMENTS:  Great product and easy to use with my sugar scrubs!
PRODUCT USED IN:   Exfoliants & Sugar Scrubs
naseerah • Michigan

Date Submitted:  04/19/2020

I Recommend This Product!
"Have had no issues"
COMMENTS:  I like this preservative for my sugar scrubs, doesn't really change the consistency too much, have had no issues with separation.
PRODUCT USED IN:   Exfoliants & Sugar Scrubs
Katy • Pennsylvania

Date Submitted:  06/25/2019

I Recommend This Product!
"Great preservative"
COMMENTS:  I've had great success with this preservative. Works well in both water based and oil based applications. I have had no problems with mold or yeast with this. Make sure not to add it when your mixture is too hot as this can cause problems with your emulsion in lotions. I haven't had that happen but I'm always very careful to add it at 45c or below. Will definitely buy more!
PRODUCT USED IN:   Exfoliants & Sugar Scrubs, Face Care, Lotions, Creams & Butters
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