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Blood Orange Confetti MP Soap Loaf Recipe

Yield: (8) 1" Slices   |  Est. Time: 1 Hour  |  Level: Moderate

About This Recipe:

Have a party each time you use this Blood Orange Confetti Soap! The soap shreds create a fun look and the Blood Orange Essential Oil smells just like a freshly squeezed orange!  

Recipe Ingredients:

Measure ingredients with a scale or precise measuring tool.

Equipment From Home:
• (1) Plastic Wrap
• (1) Microwave
• (1) Scale
• (1) Soap Cutter
• (1) Microwave-Safe Measuring cup (64 oz.)
• (1) Mixing Spoon
• (1) Salad Shooter or Cheese Grater
• (1) Thermometer
• (1) Refrigerator
• (1) Mitre Box
• (1) Spray Bottle with Rubbing Alcohol - 99%
Recipe Disclaimer:

We are not responsible for the products you create from our supplies.

You alone are responsible for product and recipe testing to ensure compatibility and safety.

NOTE: If you are making these products for sale, good manufacturing practices recommend you wear a hairnet, gloves and a mask. We also recommend a clean apron and workspace.
  1. To a microwave-safe measuring cup, add 12 oz. of cut up Clear MP Soap. Heat in microwave until completely melted.
  2. Add 3.5 ml of Blood Orange Essential Oil and 2 micro scoops of Siesta Sunset Orange Mica Powder and mix well.
  3. Pour into the mold and put in fridge to harden.
  4. Once soap has hardened, cut the soap into smaller pieces to shred through a salad shooter. If salad shooter is not available, a cheese grater can be used. Shred all the soap and put back into the loaf mold. 
  5. To a microwave-safe measuring cup, add 20 oz. of cut up Clear Soap and 10 oz. of the White Soap. Heat in microwave until the soap has completely melted. 
  6. Add 9 ml of the Blood Orange Essential Oil and 1/8 tsp. of the Mai Tai Orange Mica Powder and mix well.
  7. Spritz the orange shreds with rubbing alcohol, tossing so they are completely coated. When the soap temperature has cooled down to 120° F, pour the melted soap over the shreds in the mold. Spritz the top of the soap with rubbing alcohol to pop any surface bubbles.
  8. If desired, sprinkle some Iridescent Super Sparkle Glitter over the top of the soap. Let harden.
  9. Carefully remove soap from mold. 
  10. Using a mitre box, if available, slice the soap into 1 inch bars. Wrap in plastic wrap or as desired.
  11. Label product accordingly.  
To Use: Lather onto wet skin and rinse off with warm water. 

Ingredient Label: Sorbitol, Coconut Oil, Propylene Glycol, Stearic Acid, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Glycerin, Titanium Dioxide, Tin Oxide, Iron Oxide, Mica, Glitter.

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