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Whip it up! Making Whipped Foam Topping

We love a foamy, whipped top on many of our melt & pour soap designs. It can dress up a design and it’s the perfect accent for so many food and drink themes, making it perfect for New Year’s Eve soaps! It’s a fairly simple technique with only a few steps. Follow along to create the perfect whipped topping for melt & pour soaps. 

1. Temperature plays a big role in getting the soap to stay whipped. If the soap is too hot when you start whipping, it will likely fall at as soon as the mixer is turned off. The temperature should be fairly cool before you start whipping, around 130 degrees F or cooler.

2. Once the soap has cooled to 130 degrees F or lower, it’s time to start whipping! For a small amount of soap, you can use a mini-mixer with the whisk attachment. If you are making a larger batch of soap, a hand mixer will be best. Continue whipping on a medium speed until the soap has almost doubled in size, then you will be ready to pour or spoon onto your soap.

3. MP soap makers are accustomed to spraying with rubbing alcohol between every layer and as soon as the soap is poured. With the whipped topping, we still recommend spraying before pouring this layer, but there is no need to spray afterwards. In this case, the bubbles are what make the whipped topping and you do not want them to pop!

4. Once the soap is whipped it cools very quickly. It is best to work as fast as you can with it, as it can harden fast. If that happens, there’s no need to panic. The soap can simply be reheated in the microwave and then re-whipped until you can nish your design. 

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