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Using Additives with Melt & Pour Soap Base

Additives are liquid or solid ingredients that give unique properties to melt and pour soap. Clays, powders, extracts, botanicals, and exfoliants are popular cosmetic additives. Choosing unique, effective additives will set your handcrafted soaps apart.

Usage Rates

Crafter’s Choice Melt & Pour Soap Base accepts between 4% - 6% additional ingredients per one (1) ounce of soap. For example, if you have 2 pounds (32 oz) of soap base, you can add up to 2 oz of additional ingredients [2 oz is 6% of 32 oz].

Our Conversion Chart illustrates additive percentages/volume based on soap base volume.

Most melt and pour soap recipes use ~3% fragrance or essential oil, leaving room for 1-3% additional ingredients. Generally, you should add no more than 1% of each additional (non-fragrance/essential oil) ingredient. 

Our Tea Tree & Peppermint Melt and Pour Soap is made with awesome additives like tea tree essential oil and white kaolin clay. Our recipe uses:

32 oz Detergent Free Australian Tea Tree Melt and Pour Soap
0.60 oz (~1.8%) Tea Tree Essential Oil
0.30 oz (~0.9%) Peppermint (Redist) Essential Oil
0.30 oz (~0.9%) White Kaolin Clay
0.20 (~0.6%) Olive Leaf Powder
3/4 tsp (~0.3%) Peppermint – Botanical

The total amount of additives (essential oil + clay + powder + botanical) is 1.525 oz which is 4.76% of the 32 oz soap base – safely within the additive range.

Experiment with multiple additives to create unique bars of melt and pour soap.

Popular Melt & Pour Soap Additives

Extracts are water-soluble liquid additives with a wide range of beneficial qualities. They add unique properties, natural fragrance, and label appeal to handmade soaps.

Some of our favorites are:

Carrot Seed Extract – popular, antioxidant-rich skincare additive
Chamomile Extract – soothing, fragrant botanical additive
Cucumber Extract – moisturizing cosmetic additive

View all Extracts here

Hydrosols are botanical essential waters often used to naturally fragrance soaps.

Top-selling, fragrant hydrosols:

Lemon Water Essential Hydrosol
Rose Water Essential Hydrosol
Vanilla Water Essential Hydrosol

View all Hydrosols here

Botanical Powders
Botanical powders are natural, solid additives that add moisturizing, cleansing, and soothing qualities to handmade products.

Popular botanical powders:

Arrowroot Powder – adds silkiness to melt and pour soaps
Green Tea Powder – antioxidant-rich and thought to have anti-inflammatory properties
Lemon Powder – thought to have natural astringent and antiseptic properties

View all Botanical Powders here

Milk Powders & Proteins
Milk powders and liquid proteins add soothing, moisturizing properties to melt and pour soap.

Popular milk powders & proteins:

Buttermilk Powder
Coconut Milk Powder
Goat Milk Power

Silk Amino Acids – creates ultra-soft soap
Honeyquat – natural antioxidant, popular skincare additive

View all Milk Powders & Proteins here

Clays are popular cosmetic powders that absorb oil and soothe skin.
Popular, skin-loving clays:
Bentonite Clay
Rose Kaolin Clay
White Kaolin Clay
Sea Clay aka French Green Clay
View all Clays here

Exfoliants & Scrubs
Exfoliants and scrubs are solid additives that buff and polish the skin. Fine grains are gentler on the skin, and generally preferred for facial products, while medium grains are appropriate for body bars and foot scrubs. For tips on suspending exfoliants in melt and pour soap, click here.
Popular exfoliants:
Apricot Seed Powder – fine grain, gentle exfoliant
Pumice Powder – all-natural exfoliating powder
Poppy Seeds – small, botanical seeds that add mild exfoliation and detail
BE CAREFUL adding salt/sugar to melt and pour soap – it may attract too much moisture and create mushy bars.
View all Exfoliants here

Botanicals & Herbs
Botanicals and herbs are dried flowers and leaves often used to embellish soap. They add a rustic, natural finishing touch.
Popular botanicals & herbs:
Calendula Petals
Lavender Buds
Rose Petals
View all Botanicals & Herbs here

Other Additives?

DO NOT add butters or oils to melt and pour soap. They compromise lather, cause separation, and prevent the soap from fully hardening. Instead, choose a soap base that is formulated with butters/oils like Crafter’s Choice Shea Butter Soap Base or bases with Essential Oils.
View all Crafter's Choice melt and pour soap bases here.
Do not add perishable liquids (e.g. fresh milk, juice, etc.) to melt and pour soap. They will spoil.

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