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Simple Secrets: Enhancing Bath Fizzies and Bath Bombs

The Goal: 
Only two ingredients are needed in bath bombs to create the fizzing action we love, but that doesn't mean you should only use two ingredients. Additives enhance bath bombs and bath fizzies, helping you bring the best bath time experience to your customers. Here are tricks and tips for creating the best bath bombs!

Complement the softness and smoothness produced by the baking soda and citric acid combination with added moisturizers. Moisturizers such as butters and oils keep skin supple even after you exit the bath. In the pictured bath fizzies we used Avocado Oil and Natural Shea Butter, but most carrier oils/butters will produce positive results. Make sure you also include a warning on your label since the addition of butters and oils can make your bathtub very slippery!

Color and Scent:
Don't underestimate the power of aromatherapy! Customers will not only love picking up and smelling your delectable bath fizzies, but they will also love how their bathroom is transformed into a heavenly oasis as the beautiful scents engulf the room. Pair your scent with matching color(s). Bath bomb powder colors work the best, but neon powders, pigment powders, and micas are also suitable colorants. Be careful on how much color you use as too much color can make a mess in the tub. We used Shimmering Light Gold Mica Powder in the batch pictured.

Finishing Touches:
Moisturizers, color and fragrance transform basic bath products to exquisite pieces of art, but be cautious as they can also have undesirable side effects. Butters and oils have a tendency to float instead of being immersed in bath water and color powders can sometimes stick to the side of the tub or on the person bathing. That's okay, Polysorbate 80, a solubilizer and dispersing agent, can help! Its solubilizing properties will help the oils and butters to mix with the bath water eliminating the pooled oil sitting on top while the dispersing agent properties will help the color stay in the water and away from the sides of the tub.

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