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How to Create the Dripping Honey Look

We love the smell of honey scented personal care products and the look of dripping honey pairs nicely with this trend! Real honey is too messy and sticky to drip on the side, so we combined ingredients to look and drizzle like honey. We placed bath bombs, MP soap and CP soap on trays and then drizzled the ‘honey’ on top. It worked best to move back and forth pouring mostly on the sides of the product from the top. We tried pouring only on top with the hope the excess would trickle down the sides, but we ended up with a lot of ‘honey’ on top and almost none on the sides. We also found using a soap cutter to cut the soap bars from the excess soap on the tray worked well. Each honey drizzle was made from different ingredients that paired best with the product.

Melt & Pour Soap

Use: Melt & Pour Soap + Mica Soap Color Block
The honey drizzle base for the MP soap bars was honey melt and pour soap mixed with a soap color block. Melt the soap and color block together. When the melted soap is 125ºF, spray the melt and pour soap bars with rubbing alcohol and then drizzle the soap on top. We used Shimmering Light Gold Mica soap color block to color the ‘honey’.

Bath Bombs

Use: Cocoa Butter + Baking Soda + Mica
The honey drizzle base consisted of 60% baking soda and 40% cocoa butter and then we added gold mica powder. First, melt the cocoa butter and then add the baking soda and mica and mix well. Once the powders are well blended, drizzle on top of hard bath bombs. We used Gold Coast Holiday mica powder to color the ‘honey.’

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