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How to Use Botanical Extracts in Cosmetics

Botanical Extracts pack in the essence of plants in liquid form. Use to increase label appeal while also adding these beneficial plant properties to your cosmetics. Many Botanical Extracts consist of the plant extract with water and glycerin. These are water-soluble and can be used for lotion, shower gel, shampoo and shaving cream. There are also Botanical Extracts that consist of the plant extract with oil, making these oil-soluble. The oil-soluble botanicals can be used in cosmetics such as massage oil or solid lotion bars. Plants are thought to have beneficial properties and many are packed with vitamins and other rich qualities that will allure customers to your products. Read more to learn how to use them!

Using Botanical Extracts in Cosmetics

Lotion: Add 0.5% to 5% of a Botanical Extract to a Lotion Base. If you are also adding a fragrance or other additives, be sure the total amount of additives is below the threshold that the lotion base can tolerate. Read our Golfer's Hand Lotion Recipe for step-by-step guidance in making a lotion with botanical extracts. Swap out the fragrance to make it yours!

Shower Gel: Add 1-2% of a Water Soluble Botanical Extract to a Shower Gel Soap Base. Keep in mind that many soap bases can only handle around 5% of additives before the preservative becomes inactive and/or the shower gel gets very thin. When you formulate shower gel with botanical extracts, you'll want to test in small batches to achieve the best balance of botanical extract, fragrance, and potentially an emulsifier (for the fragrance). If that sounds cumbersome, make it with one of our recipes! Our April Showers Shower Gel Recipe uses Chamomile Extract and is an easy recipe.

Shaving Cream: Add 0.5% to 5% of a Botanical Extract to Foaming Bath Whip. Mix together and package in a Jar or Airless Pump. Our Soothing Shaving Cream Recipe is a nice starting point!

Massage Oil: Add 0.5% to 5% of an Oil Soluble Botanical Extract to a Carrier Oil. Mix together well and package in a Plastic Bottle with Orifice Reducer and Cap. View our Massage Oil Recipe to get a better idea. 

Lotion Bar: Add 0.5 to 5% of an Oil Soluble Botanical Extract to a lotion bar recipe. If you need help calculating how much to use, use our Percentage Calculator. We also have an Aromatherapy Lotion Bars Recipe with all the calculating already done and ready for you to make it!

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Please test new formulations in small batches. This gives you the opportunity to perfect your formulation before creating a large batch. We love offering advice in helping you come up with your formulations and recipes, but please keep in mind that you are responsible for the outcome of products.

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