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M is for Mica...

mi·ca | cosmetic color
Mica colors sparkle, shimmer and give products the sizzle a maker is looking to achieve. When paired with the coordinating aroma of a fragrance or essential oil, effective pigments create exciting designs that stimulate several senses of buying consumers. Color is first caught by the eye, then fragrance is breathed in through the nose and the brain takes this input and stimulates the imagination!

The handmade soap and cosmetic industry uses the term “mica” but it is interesting to find that industry chemists and manufacturers actually refer to these colorants as “effects pigments”. They are made of organic and inorganic pigments. These are joined together with binders and additives that allow the colors to be used in various applications. It is important to note that it is the organic or inorganic pigment ingredients that influence performance. For example, when a color contains the ingredient Ferric Ferrocynide or dyes they will morph or fade in high pH products such as cold process soap.

Prior to buying a powder you may be interested in determining the amount of sparkle in a powder. That is simple! Look for the particle size of the colorant. For example a particle size of 40 μm gives a super sparkle while a size of 20 μm will produce a shimmer. Basically, the bigger the number the larger the sparkle.

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