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Best CP Soap Recipe for Plastic Molds
Author: Wholesale Supplies Plus
Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Get the beautiful details from Milky Way and other plastic molds with this cold process soap recipe. The recipe has been formulated with a water discount and added sodium lactate for a hard bar of soap that is easy to unmold! The Henna Teardrop mold has beautiful detailing and safflower powder is thought to benefit the skin while adding natural yellow color. 

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Project Level: Advanced – Danger Chemicals
Estimated Time: 1 Hour
Yield: (3) 3.5 oz. bars


  •  2.25 oz. Coconut Oil - 76º Melt
  •  1.35 oz. Palm Oil
  •  0.27 oz. Shea Butter - Natural
  •  0.27 oz. Castor Oil
  •  4.86  oz. Olive Oil - Pomace
  •  2.5 oz. Distilled Water
  •  1.25 oz. Sodium Hydroxide Flakes
  •  0.20 oz. Sodium Lactate 60%
  •  0.55 oz. Energy Fragrance Oil 789
  •  1/4 Teaspoon(s) Safflower Powder
  •  1 Piece(s) Henna Teardrop Soap Mold (MW 258)


  •  Microwave
  •  Small Heat-Safe Measuring Pitcher (to mix lye)
  •  Spatulas
  •  Scale - Digital Display (Professional)
  •  Safety Equipment (gloves, goggles, mask)
  •  Cuisinart Smart Stick - Stick Blender
  •  Thermometer - Infrared, Dual Laser
  •  Microwave-Safe Glass Measuring Cup
  •  Measuring Spoons
  •  2  Beaker - Natural Polypropylene

INCI Ingredient Label: Olive Oil, Water, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Safflower Powder.

Recipe Directions

NOTE: This project and these instructions have been written for someone who has experience making soap and knows the potential dangers due to working with sodium hydroxide. It will not outline all safety methods of working with dangerous chemicals, it is simply a soap recipe for advanced soapmakers.
  1. Put on your protective gear. This is very important since you will be working with an extremely caustic base that can and will burn you if you touch it. Noxious fumes are also released from the exothermic reaction that occurs when you mix the sodium hydroxide with water.
  2. In separate containers weigh your water and sodium hydroxide. Slowly add the sodium hydroxide to the water and continue mixing until all flakes are dissolved. Set aside and allow to cool.
  3. Weigh oils and butter and place in microwave-safe glass measuring cup. Microwave until all butter is melted.
  4. Measure fragrance oil and sodium lactate in separate beakers and set aside. 
  5. When the water/lye mixture has cooled to approximately 100°F you can add your sodium lactate to lye/water mixture. When your oil/butter mixture is also approximately 100°F you can begin mixing.
  6. Place stick blender in the oils and tap it on the bottom of the bowl to "burp" it and release any air bubbles.
  7. Pour the water/lye mixture over the shaft of the stick blender. Carefully blend your oils and lye water until the mixture comes to a very light trace.
  8. Add in the fragrance oil and safflower powder while stirring by hand. If the soap is still thin you can continue stick blending to fully incorporate the safflower powder.
  9. We find it is best to pour at a thin trace, when soap has reached the desired consistency pour into your mold. Tap mold on the counter to release any air bubbles.
  10. Allow soap to sit for at least 24 hours. After 24-36 hours, carefully unmold. If you have trouble removing soap from the mold, place in the freezer for about 15 minutes and then remove. Allow the soap to cure fully for 4-6 weeks. 
  11. Label and package accordingly.

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