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Fragrance Formulator: Red, White & Blue Scents

This month we are inspired by red, white and blue! This classic color combination is suitable not only for Independence Day, but also Labor Day. Summer picnics and family gatherings came to mind when creating these scents. We thought of a sunny summer picnic with blue skies, a red gingham picnic blanket, fizzy sodas and all of our favorite desserts. Our fragrance blends are based on ten parts. Each part represents 10% of the fragrance blend.

Red Blends

Cherry Pie
Aromas of sweet cherries with a flaky pie crust blend together to form this American pie scent.
3 Dark Fruit , 3 Raspberry, 2 Nut, 2 Bakery

Black Cherry Fizz
Smells of sweet black cherry pop from a classic soda fountain.
4 Dark Fruit, 2 Raspberry, 2 Nut, 2 Fizz

Red Gingham
High-end aromas of floral rose and sweet raspberry fused with bubbly celebratory champagne.
4 Champagne, 4 Raspberry, 2 Rose

Red Cola
Dark kola nut scents intermingle effervescently with vanilla and spice.
4 Fizz, 2 Vanilla, 2 Spice, 1 Dark Fruit, 1 Nut

White Blends

Crisp Apple Pie
Fresh crisp apples with sugar coated pie crust.
5 Apple, 3 Sugared, 2 Spice

Fresh Vanilla Bean
Comforting vanilla with a touch of clean lemon.
6 Vanilla, 2 Sugared, 2 Lemon

Ice Cream Sandwich
Aromas of cold vanilla ice cream sandwiched between soft chocolate shortbread.
7 Vanilla, 2 Chocolate,1 Sugared

White Linen
A clean scent balanced with energizing lemon and floral lavender.
4 Lemon, 3 Laundry, 3 Lavender

Blue Blends

Blueberry Pie
Aromas of fresh baked blueberries in a warm pie crust.
3 Dark Fruit, 3 Raspberry, 2 Bakery, 1 Sour, 1 Amber

Americana Ice Pops
The smells of the classic red, white and blue ice pop that looks like a rocket.
4 Lemon, 3 Raspberry, 3 Strawberry

Clear Blue Skies
Smells of bright blue skies with fluffy white cotton clouds.
4 Soap, 2 Breeze, 2 Powder, 2 Laundry

Sizzling Blue
A sweet summer scent!
2 Apple, 2 Raspberry, 2 Dark Fruit, 2  Vanilla, 1 Amber, 1 Sour

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